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Too Old for Romance? #romance

Fiona McGier, resident Diva at my other site Sweet n Sexy Divasasked the question if we're ever too old for romance. Enjoyed her post so much, I decided to run it here - enjoy! :)
Quick, what were the ages of the heroine and hero in the last romance you read?  The last one I read that I didn't write, had a heroine in her late 20's and a hero in his early 30's.  Most of the books I've read are set in that age group.  Why?
According to Desmond Morris, the cultural anthropologist whose books I've devoured, there is a time period early in a romance when couples do what he calls pair-bonding.  During that time of early discovery, the brain releases endorphins like crazy, and all we live for is spending time together.  A lot of that time will be spent having sex, whether you wait until marriage or not.  Sex is a cementer of relationships, letting both parties know the other one returns the passionate feelings.
But Morris doesn't specify an age for that happening.  My very first two romances had the divorced heroines turning 40 during the course of the books, and the hero for one was in his early 40's, the other hero was in his late 30's.  Most of my books have the  h/h in their early-to-mid-30's.  To me that's the ideal time to fall in love, because you've already built yourself a career, and you feel secure enough in yourself to be willing to take a chance on love.
Did I follow that pattern?  Nope.  Met husband when we were both 25, married by 28, and had kids beginning in our early 30's.  One of our sons is 25 and getting married this year to his lady who is also 25.  But I had an aunt who got married for the second time when she'd been widowed for many years, and her 3 adult kids adored her second husband.  Another aunt was divorced at a young age, and married my uncle when they were both in their early 40's.  And yet another widowed aunt married my widower uncle when they were both in their early 60's. (Long story...don't ask.)  So it would seem that love can bloom at any age.  As long as you're still alive and open to romance, it can happen.
My new release, Her Last Resort, will be out March 1.
It's the third book in my Minnesota Romances series.
In For the Love of His Life, we met Raul Roderick, a spoiled brat of an action movie star, who carries his painful, lonely past locked deeply inside himself, and anesthetizes himself with drugs. He meets an outdoorsy Minnesota gal while he's making a movie in her small town of Grand Marais.  Note: they're both in their mid-30's. The director is her cousin and his co-star is the much-younger Kelly Sheridan, star of rom-coms and fluffy entertainment.
The second book, Only One Man Will Do, involves the biker queen who tried to terrorize the action movie star in the first book.  She's ardently pursued by an ex-KGB agent who is determine not to share her with her bikers.They're both in their mid-30's.
In Her Last Resort,  Kelly's long-estranged mother, an ex-CIA agent, is retired, but being pursued by someone determined to kill her.  She's long tried to re-establish a relationship with her daughter and son from a marriage that ended because of her career as an agent.  Kelly asks her to join her for a 2-week long stay at a cabin up in Grand Marais, owned by her good friend Ivan.  He's the one who sent his cousin Dmitri to warn the biker queen to leave Raul alone. Ivan's never been married, but hopes that someday the right woman will walk into his life. Kelly's mom is 54.  Ivan is 50. They don't feel they're too old to fall in love.  Some things are different when you're older and have responsibilities that a younger person doesn't have.  But when Cupid strikes, age melts away, and all you have are two people who are surprised and delighted to learn their feelings might be reciprocal.
I hope readers will give my older heroine and hero a chance to prove that love can happen at any age.
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