Monday, April 27, 2015

Sensual Rhapsody Erotic Poetry #poetry

If you like beautiful imagery, you'll want to take a look at Sensual Rhapsody erotic poetry and artwork by David Russell.
Read on to learn more about this offering.
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Review by Lori Jenessa Nelson - Published on
This poetry collection is "all currents, eddies, tides and whirlpools". It uses descriptive phrasing to describe a number of sexual encounters, which gives the collection the feel of being one continuous poem, instead of several separate poetic works, or an epic poem, if you prefer that description.
It has a strong use of language that makes even girdles seem sexy.
In a few words, this is narrative poetry. It describes events or happenings more so than feelings or inner workings.
The poet sometimes uses more traditional rhyme schemes, like abab that gives a few poems an almost Shakespearean feel. (The first three quatrains of Shakespeare's sonnets are written in abab rhyme schemes followed by a couplet.)
Because it feels like one continuous poem, it comes across as more of a sensual epic than a poetry collection. It is easy to get lost in the sensual descriptions and difficult to distinguish between poems.
The poet offers some interesting wordplay, puns, and lovely created words like "fleshed".
It also uses slant and subtle rhyming for a softly musical feel.
There is even some very biological and anatomical language like "cerebral cell" that adds a kind of scientific romanticism to some of the imagery.
The collection lacks cohesiveness as a work though here and there it contains some lovely phrasing and imagery. My favorite images include:
"made us monsoon adandonment"
"so now undo me, see legs first"
"I'm delicate/with zips and buttons"
"let's make each other beautiful"
"…and be my dizzy charge"
"A whispered, tiptoed entry"
"Sweet juggling of the elements: /Water to fire and earth to air"

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