Friday, May 8, 2015

MM Paranormal Hot Stuff #contest

Looking for something different? Here you go - an MM Paranormal Hot Stuff no matter how you look at it.
Please join Saloni today as she gives us a peek into her steamy tale.
Read on to learn more about her great contest! :)
Fashion portrait of a young beautiful male model with light green toning
Fashion portrait of a young beautiful male model with light green toning
by Saloni Quinby
(M/M Paranormal)
At the request of his aunt, Medium Maxim Thomas travels to the London mansion of actor Ian Northhill to search for paranormal dangers. The first-born sons in Ian's family have all died on their thirty-fourth birthday, and Ian's is just around the corner. The problem is, he doesn't believe in ghosts, demons or curses.
When Maxim and Ian meet, they're overwhelmed by lust, but great sex doesn't change Maxim's bitterness toward actors or Ian's loathing of "phony" psychics. Unable to ignore their desire for each other, the men try to overcome their prejudices. While Ian performs a retelling of Jekyll and Hyde on stage, a real life Jekyll and Hyde plots to destroy him. Will Ian trust Maxim enough to allow his lover to save him from the family curse?
Maxim hadn't been quite sure what to expect from the play. He didn't always care for variations of classic books, but it didn't take long for him to become deeply involved in this fresh version of Jekyll and Hyde. Ian was absolutely amazing as both the quiet, bookish doctor and the passionate Mr. Hyde. As both characters, he had kissing scenes with the leading lady. Maxim wasn't sure which kisses were sexier -- the raw, hungry ones of Mr. Hyde or the tender ones of the good doctor. Though he knew Ian was only doing his job, Maxim couldn't help feeling a twinge of jealousy. Mr. Hyde had two lively fight scenes as well. In one, his shirt got torn off, giving the audience a view of Ian's sculpted torso.
Maxim scolded himself for being so taken with Ian. He reminded himself that he was just a guy. This was his job. Yet it was easy to be swept away by his performance.
After the show, Maxim was a bit surprised when a member of security came to escort him to Ian's dressing room.
"Hey." Ian beamed as Maxim stepped in. His blue eyes glistened with a post-performance high. Ringlets of damp hair clung to his forehead and neck. He wore an undershirt, pants and socks, as he had apparently just removed his costume.
The guard closed the door, leaving them alone in the rather cramped room. There was a sink, a couch and a table with makeup and other items, including lots of photos and cards with written notes.
He reached for Maxim, who embraced him tightly, enjoying the feel of Ian's hard, warm body beneath his sweat-dampened shirt.
"Did you enjoy it?" Ian asked, holding Maxim at arm's length and gazing into his eyes.
"It was amazing," Maxim said sincerely.
"Really? I was so fucking nervous about you being here tonight."
Maxim was taken aback. "You were nervous about me?"
"Yeah." Ian released a pent-up breath, though his smile never faded and he kissed Maxim again. "Thank you for coming."
"Thank you for having me. Next time I'll be fighting off your fangirls for a ticket before they're sold out."
Ian laughed. "Let me finish changing and we can get out of here, but first." He shoved Maxim onto the couch and straddled him, a playful look in his eyes.
"Should we be doing this here?" Maxim asked, glancing toward the door.
"We did it in your backroom. It's only fair we do it in mine. Do you have any idea how fucking turned on I am right now?"
"I bet not as much as me. There's something about that Mr. Hyde. Sadly, he only likes women."
"Only on stage. Don't forget, I know his back story," Ian said with a teasing grin.
Maxim grasped the back of Ian's neck and ran his tongue along his lips before kissing him hard.
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