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She needs it BAD - erotic romance #erotic

She needs it BAD - erotic romance. Oh, this looks soooooo good. Zenobia's one of the resident Divas at my other site, Sweet n Sexy DivasHer post appeared there. Enjoyed the excerpt so much, I wanted to share. :)
Drama, drama and more drama. House drama. Health drama. Financial drama. Deadline drama. Racism drama. It's enough to drive me to drink...more water because I'm not a person who's heavy on the alcohol. I do drink but it's a once every other month kind of thing because there's rum in the house, not from stress.
Putting all the drama aside for the moment, it's time to focus on something light-hearted and quick. Those usually aren't descriptors I can use for my stories but one managed to squeeze through the cracks.
I Need an F by Zenobia Renquist
I Need an F
Genre: Contemporary Erotica
Publisher: Changeling Press
Length: Short HOT Story
She ordered the wrong thing… or did she?
A simple night out with the girls with a drinking game to pass the time becomes so much more when Liria orders the wrong thing. It's a good thing her bartender is a talented and versatile man able to handle any order.
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She raised her arms for quiet. Her friends stopped chanting and waited. She said after a sigh, “Fine. Fine. Tell me what to order. I’m at your mercy.”
Fran pulled out her phone and tapped it a few times before she said, “Fuck Me Hard. It’s got vodka and different fruit juices. You should like it.”
“I better.”
“We won’t find out until you order it.” Fran pointed at the bar. “Go forth, brave soul, and don’t return without your drink.”
Liria got off her stool and made her way to the bar. It took a bit of maneuvering and dodging elbows to get there. It would have been so much easier to flag down a waitress, but part of the game was ordering the drink from the bar.
She waved down a bartender and waited for him to finish his current order. While she waited, she looked him over. The man filled out his dress slacks well. Strong leg muscles and, when he bent over to retrieve a bottle from under the counter, she noted he had a firm, round ass. The kind of ass Liria wanted to squeeze.
Her fingers twitched as she moved her gaze up. The rest of the package was just as tempting. All the bartenders wore tight, cotton, button-up shirts with the club logo printed on the small, left breast pocket. The bartender she waited for had the biggest arms. Definitely a man who knew all the machines in the gym.
He looked like the kind of guy who could flex and let Liria do chin-ups on his biceps. And even though she couldn’t do a chin-up to save her life, she wouldn’t mind giving it that old college try just to touch the man.
That great body was topped with a killer smile, the bluest eyes she’d ever seen and black hair that hung free to his shoulders. He moved over to her. “What can I get you?”
Now or never. She had to say it. If she went back to the table without her drink, she would never hear the end of it. “I have a weird drink request.”
“I can make anything you want. Professional over here.” He put his thumb to his chest. “Certified and everything. Try me.”
God, she would love to try him and then ride him all the way home. Fran was right. Liria hadn’t been with a man in too long if she was fantasizing about the bartender. But he was great fantasy fodder.
She took a breath and said, “Okay, so my friends and I are playing this game. And I have to choose a drink starting with the letter F.”
“Got ya. Fuzzy Navel, right?”
“No. That’s not it. It’s… uh…” She shook her head at the stupidity of this game. Why was she even here doing this? She leaned over the bar and the bartender followed her lead, moving closer to her and grinning all the while. God. If she had the nerve, she would kiss him. She wasn’t that bold though.
She asked as loudly as she dared, “Can you fuck me hard?”
“Wait. Shit! That’s not what I meant. The drink. Make me a drink. It’s called Fuck Me Hard.”
“I can do that too.” He slid a single finger down her chin and over her collar to the neckline of her wrap-around dress. “But I’m thinking you need the former more than the latter. Am I right?”
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Zenobia Renquist
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