Saturday, July 18, 2015

Do you like M/M romance? #erotic

Do you like M/M romance? If you do, I have a treat for you.
Maggie Walsh, the newest Diva at my other site Sweet n Sexy Divas, gave us a sneak peek into her works.
Read on for more...
Hi everyone,
I just thought that seeing as this is my first time on Sweet N Sexy Diva's, that I would introduce myself to you. My name is Maggie Walsh and I write M/M erotic romance for SirenBookStrand. Most of my books have to do with the paranormal. I love shifters and vampires, as well as witches, demons, angels, and fae. I have a series out called The Angel Pack, and it's sister series called Beyond the Angel Pack. Both series have an ongoing story ARC that weaves through both series, so they do need to be read in order. I also have a stand alone book out called "The Beast Within". It is an M/M rock and roll erotic romance. So today I am going to share with you the first book in my Angel series which is "Betrayal", and also "The Beast Within".  Thank you for having me here and I can't wait to get to know everyone more.
Love Maggie
When Jesse and Taylor get kicked out of their homes they take off and end up in New York City. Jesse’s voice lands him a singing job at an all male club. When the owner discovers their secret, he offers to help them. That kind gesture turns into the biggest mistake of their lives.
When Micah hears the angelic voice coming from the beautiful man, his world turns upside down. Micah realizes that the angel is his mate. Now that he’s found him he may never get to claim him.
Someone is trying to kill Jesse. At the same time, someone from Micah’s past comes back to claim Micah as their own. Is it coincidence or a set up? When the person trying to kill Jesse accidentally gets Micah instead, can Jesse find the culprit and the cure before it’s too late? And if Micah survives, will he be able to move past the betrayal of one of his own?
"The Beast Within"
Eighteen year old Sky Taylor, the love of his life Mitch, and brother Ben want nothing more than to land a record contract. When a record exec offers only Sky a contract, he betrays them and ends up losing them.
Seven years later, Sky is the lead singer of the hottest all-gay Glamrock band around. Ghost Heart is the biggest guitarist in the world and has just become available. He is the hottest thing Sky has ever seen, but he’s straight.
The sexual tension between Sky and Ghost ignites, until Sky sees a memorial tattoo on Ghost’s back with the name of his first love, Mitch, on it.
Sky fights to find way past the guilt he feels over what he did to Mitch all those years ago, so that he can move forward and finally find some happiness. He hopes that happiness comes with Ghost. But Ghost doesn’t believe in relationships, or love.

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