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Paranormal Anthology - Bad Boys #antho

Oh, this looks so yummy.
Please welcome all these wonderful authors for their paranormal anthology - bad boys. What could be better?
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a author cover -dragons
Let your fantasies soar with FLIGHT OF DRAGONS, a collection of ten scorching romances where larger than life heroes are ready to set your world (and your heart) ablaze. Warning: stories include sexy as sin fire-breathing dragons. The authors will not be held accountable for late nights, lack of sleep, or certain urges that may arise. Let’s turn up the heat!
Author Bio
LC started writing on a dare from a friend and hasn't looked back since. Her reading habits touch many genres, but her all-time favorites are fantasy and mystery/romantic suspense. She's been a model, belly-dancer and graphic artist before settling into her full-time Executive Assistant role at an insurance firm. But the siren call of the written word still tempts her, and she hopes to score her dream of writing full-time.
Dragon shifter Balthazar Andal fears for his life.
During a battle with his brother for the family hoard, one of his precious scales is stripped off, and Balthazar permanently shifts back to human form. However, the loss heralds another, more dangerous outcome—Balthazar must keep his dragon spirit, Bal contained. He has spent decades searching for his missing scale, and if Balthazar loses control, his transformation means certain death.
Archeologist Eva Haraldsdóttir met Balthazar Andal during one of her father’s digs. A wealthy businessman, he sponsors conservation projects, and during a charity dinner that he hosts, their attraction to each other is obvious. Mr. Andal shows a keen interest in her recent finding of a Viking vase—however his detailed questions make Eva wonder if the investor is looking for something in particular.
An unexpected attack against Eva at the charity event leaves Balthazar with no choice but to take the beautiful woman to his remote home in Iceland to protect her. But his gallant act holds dangers of their own, and despite his precautions, Eva discovers his true and frightening nature. Will she run away and leave him to fade into myth, or help him find the scale that will make him truly whole again?
He looked at her. “Yes, but I want to hear one more trait you find attractive in a man.”
She licked her lips, and as his gaze focused on her mouth, his eyes darkened to a deep bronze. Damn, but Mr. Andal was a handsome man. “Chemistry is important,” she said. “Most times, it doesn’t amount to much, but others…” She paused. “I remember watching a couple at a restaurant. They couldn’t stop caressing each other—their hands, arms, faces. They were in their own little world and didn’t care who saw it.” She sighed, wondering if she would ever discover a relationship like that. It felt as elusive as the artifacts she sought.
Balthazar leaned forward and stroked her shoulder with a finger. “Go on.”
She shivered, his skin electrifying her, and forced herself to look at his face. “There’s an awareness one can’t ignore, something that draws them together, no matter what’s going on around them. They only have eyes for each other, and to hell with everything else.”
His finger traced a small circle against her flesh. “Have you ever experienced such a connection, Eva?”
She shook her head; she couldn’t trust herself to speak. “I’ve only seen it, and it looks scary and exciting at the same time.”
“It is.” He moved closer. “And it’s all you ever want to think about.”

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