Sunday, November 29, 2015

5 books for 99 cents #romance

What a deal! 5 books for 99 cents - doesn't get better than that.
Read on to learn more about Ashley Suzanne's great box set.
a author cover - destined
**SALE ALERT** only $0.99 for a limited time
Destined Series Box Set by Ashley Suzanne Author
The Destined Series, a collection of 275,000 words, 5 books, surrounding life long best friends who face life as a team. Follow Mira, Skylar, Danny and Kylee through college and beyond as they learn who they truly are, where they belong and who holds their hearts. This is a COMPLETE series with resolution of every story line by the last page.
MIRAGE - This story was FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC! I highly recommend this novel. It has the potential to become a ground-breaking phenomenon.
INCEPTION - I really loved how I was just sucked in by the story line and how wonderfully written it is
AWAKENING - One of the best series I have ever read
FACADE - I highly suggest you grab a copy of Fa├žade!! It's HOT, touching and suspenseful. Although it is a standalone it does touch upon the other characters in her previous books.
EPIPHANY - What a perfect ending to this series. I'm kind of sad because this is the end and I have fallen in love with the characters. Ashley did a wonderful job wrapping up everything for all of the characters. The story is brilliantly put together and perfectly paced. It flowed effortlessly. It starts off fantastic from page one and there was never a dull moment
Book 1 - Mirage 
Book 1.5 - Inception 
Book 2 - Awakening 
Book 3 - Facade 
Book 4 - Epiphany

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