Saturday, December 12, 2015

HUGE contest - 60 authors #XmasBash

Christmas is coming early this year. :)
Drop by the FB Tina Donahue Christmas Bash for a HUGE contest - 60 authors participating. Spot contests weekly. Doesn't get better than this.
Official Contest:
Tina Donahue Christmas Bash Prize Graphic
Participating Authors:
Tina Donahue​ - 5 backlist ebooks - 25 choices to choose from
Erica Stevens​ - Frost Burn
Cynthia Sax​ - Releasing Rage, One Night with My Billionaire Master, The Good Assistant, Warlord's Bounty, Tattooed Tryst (ebooks)
Savannah Hill​ - Paramour for the Devil, Unchained Love
Sabrina York​ - Tryst Island Series (6 ebooks)
Author Tigris Eden​ - Enslaved in Shadows, Give and Take, Arctic Bound (signed)
Books, Coffee and Craft News - Handmade earrings (US only)
Michelle Roth​ - The Darkness Calls and Trouble Walked In
EVENTed Online​ - $5 Amazon GC
Paige Tyler - Author of Sexy, Romantic Fiction​ - ebook from backlist (some exclusions apply, no box sets)
Desiree Holt​ - $10 Amazon GC, Books 103 Omega Team
Samantha Jacobey​ - Forgotten Angel (signed)
Ava Mallory​ - Mercy & Mayhem: A Mercy Mares Cozy Mystery
Grae Lily​ - Milan's Return (2 copies - ebooks)
Kelly Moran Books​ - Exposure and the Drake House (ebook)
Kathleen Lee​ - Midnight Mistletoe (ebook)
P.T. Macias​ - Wild Rebel, Wicked Blush (ebooks)
Jackie Ivie, Author​ - VAL - the Vows (10 ebook bundle)
Catherine Vale​ - Shades of Dragon (signed), goodie bag (US/Canada)
Scarlet North​ - $5 Amazon GC, F*ck Buddy (ebook)
Adriana Hunter​ - $5 Amazon GC
Author K.L. Silver​ - The Mastered Saga 2 (2 novels - Mastered/Trussed - ebooks)
Sable Hunter​ - Texas Wildfire, Texas CHAOS (ebooks)
Conny Conway - $5 Amazon GC, Never Ending Dreams (audiobook)
Donna Michaels Author​ - $10 Amazon GC
Kandi Silvers - Sexy Cowboy Christmas (ebook), bath gift basket
Paulie Dee - $10 Amazon GC
Heather Long, Author​ - $10 Starbucks GC, 3 ebooks from Willow Bend
Author-Savannah Morgan​ - $10 Amazon GC, ebook
Ethan Radcliff Author​ - DOM & Licks & Kisses (signed)
Lexi Post​ - 3 ebooks backlist
Author Kelly Lincoln​ - Insignificant and Beyond Repair (ebooks, direct to Kindle)
J.f. Silver - Set of Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe
Author K.L. Kreig - Undeniably Asher (signed) and swag
Rachael Slate​ - Tracing the Tiger, Moon Borne (ebooks)
Cynthia D'Alba Fan Page​ - $10 Amazon GC
Vonda Sinclair, Author​ - 1 ebook, 1 audio download (winner's choice)
Dena Garson​ - Ellora's Cave coupon for Mystic's Touch (ebook) and pair of holiday earrings
Erin Quinn Books​ - backlist title (winner's choice), $10 GC (Amazon or iBooks - winner's choice)
Author Solease M Barner​ - 2 ebooks (winner's choice), $5 Amazon GC)
Bridget Blackwood​ - Rising Shadows (ebook)
Amit Singh​ - Dark Desires (ebook)
Judith Anderson Author​ - Pretty When You Cry (2 ebooks)
James Richardson Author - J.A. Richardson​ - 3 ebooks (winner's choice)
Cree Storm Book Series​ - ebook from Siren collection (winner's choice)
Deanndra Hall, Author​ - $10 Amazon GC, 3 ebooks, autographed from her catalog (winner's choice)
Mary Leo - ebook (winner's choice)
Arik Knight - Swag for Fractured Bodies, Shattered Minds
Suzette Rose Cauler​ - 3 ebooks from backlist (winner's choice)
Sheri Fredricks​ - Continuum (2 ebook copies); Portals of Oz (2 ebook copies)
Natasza Waters - 2 copies of A Warrior's Challenge
Lea Winkleman - Words from a Vulnerable Heart (signed copy)
Serena Akeroyd​ - Mona (2 copies), Menage Material (1 copy), Claimed by Caden (1 copy)
Kat A Barrett​ - 2 ebooks (winner's choice) from current releases and backlist
Trinity Blacio​ - Stepbrothers books (4 copies - PDF)
Elle Boon​ - 3 books (winner's choice) from backlist, ARC of Jeff's Wild Wolf, Mystic Wolves 3
Ashley Malkin​ - 2 ebooks (winner's choice)
Andrew Jericho​ - 1 ebook, Hard Times (Prison Masters 1)
Alison Mello - Finding Love (ebook, 1 copy), Needing Your Love (ebook, 1 copy)

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