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Hot Navy SEAL and Army Ranger romance #romance #menage

If you love menages, as I do, you'll want to read First Contact.

Please give April Zyon a warm welcome then grab a cool drink, turn on the fan, and try not to lick the screen while reading her sizzling excerpt!



The Knights of Ares are a joint Navy SEAL and Army Ranger team that has been tasked with a new war. One that needs to be kept from being discovered, at all costs.

Mikhail “Wolf” Rossov and Gareth “Gunner” Gruffyd are part of the team that are fighting a war no one knows is happening. Out on the job, they end up saving a woman who turns out to be more than they could have believed. 

Morgan Berry is a kindergarten teacher. The most dangerous part of her job is a wide spread flu epidemic in her class. Being a teacher is all she’s ever wanted, she never thought she’d soon be part of something bigger. 

Kidnapped to become a pawn in a dangerous, violent game, Morgan has only one hope. For her men to come to her rescue, before it’s too late. She knows that they would walk through the fires of hell for her. But will they make it in time?

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One hand cupped her ass, a finger pressing between her cheeks, and the other was in her hair, pulling her head back to accept his dominance. He growled into her mouth as he flicked his tongue to hers and pressed her against the growing, hard evidence of his desire for her. His mouth grew more demanding the more she responded to him and he pulled her in even closer, grinding his hips to hers slowly.
Morgan didn’t even think twice about it, she wrapped both legs around him when he lifted her fully. She needed more than just a kiss and made sure that he knew it. When they parted finally she was panting. “Heavens,” she whispered the singular word. “You are dangerous, and good heavens if I don’t want more.” Her words were clearly a plea to him for more.
He licked his lips slowly as his hands squeezed her ass. “At this very moment I do believe you are the more dangerous of the two of us,” he said quietly. Rocking his hips forward he ground his cock to her pussy slowly. The look in his eyes was cautious and wary as he watched her. “Morgan, what do you want?” he asked. The question was loaded in more ways than one, but the look in his eyes told her he was serious and a little unsure.
“And if I say you?” Morgan asked softly, never letting her eyes leave his face. “You are someone worth putting my heart on the line for. I don’t understand the feelings, the connection I feel to you but also your friend, Gareth. I need you to know that I’m attracted to him as well.” She very well might be signing away any pleasure she might have found with Mikhail, but she was a believer in honesty first. “None of the other men turn me on the way that you do.” Stark and honest truth.
He didn’t say anything for a long, long time. But he also didn’t push her away. He just held her close and watched her. While he watched, she was watching him. She could, almost, see him working through it in his head. At that moment she truly understood that he did everything with careful thought. From what he did, to what he said, all was thought through with great and meticulous care.
Leaning in closer to her he brushed his lips over hers, so lightly she barely registered the touch before he drew back a bit. “Are you sure, Morgan?” he asked softly. “We don’t exactly have the best of lives or careers right now. Every moment is a guessing game and, at any time, we could be drawn away. This is a war for keeps of the most monumental sort. We could die tomorrow, next week or years from now. But, most importantly of all.” Mikhail brushed his lips over her jaw to her ear. “We’re very, very possessive,” he whispered before biting her earlobe lightly.
Morgan shivered in reaction to that low rumbly growl. The confession, if one would call it that. She called it more of a claiming, but that only made her hotter. “Oh, I’m very sure. What better reason to do the things that you want and be with the men that you want than the idea that we all could die tomorrow? Today is the only guarantee, our yesterdays were treasured reminders of what we wanted and tomorrow.” She leaned closer, her cheek to his and mimicked his growl. “Tomorrow I want to wake up naked in your bed with you balls deep inside of my pussy. That’s what I could call a delicious and wonderful future.”
His entire body jolted, whether from her growl or her words she didn’t know, but it did press his cock harder to her aching pussy so really, who cared. Mikhail scraped his teeth down her throat lightly before nipping, hard. “Don’t tease me,” he said lifting his head. His face was serious as he looked at her. “Is that truly what you want, Morgan?”
“Yes, Mikhail. That is what I truly want, more than I want my next breath. I know we should go eat, but honest to God, right now all I can think of doing is getting naked on your bed with you and riding you until we both pass out from the sheer joy of it.”
He was staring at her with a singular focus she’d never known before. “There’s always lunch,” he said adjusting his hold. And then they were moving, to his bedroom she noticed. Once inside he shut and locked the door before striding to his bed and dumping her down onto it. “Get undressed quickly or I’ll tear your clothes off of you.”
She began to peel out of her clothes, her eyes never leaving his. “And you are okay with me wanting Gareth as well?” She wanted to know now before they got down to the business of making love, she needed to know so that she wasn’t feeling guilty later for wanting another man as well. When she was naked she looked at him and licked her lips. “Gods you are glorious.” He was too. His skin was tanned with scars here and there, and tattoos, glory be the tattoos and, holy shit! “Is that a piercing you have?” She wanted to put her tongue on it and tug it gently, she wanted to taste all of him.
“We all have piercings, some from before and some from after meeting Ares,” he said. “All have metal from Hephaestus’ forge to protect us. It’s an added layer to help hide us from the Weres and Vampires. The tattoos are all mine from before, though they’ve been added to here and there with more protection.” He climbed up on the bed and prowled toward her, the only word to describe the movement. “You are more than welcome to want Gareth. He wants you,” he said softly as he got close enough for her to touch. “I think we may just have to have you between us one day. One cock in your pussy, one in your ass, or maybe, in your saucy little mouth instead.”
“Oh Gods.” She breathed softly, her mouth going wet at the thought of them doing just that. “I love the idea, a great deal.” Her hands moved down his chest, a finger lightly stroking the piercing in his nipple and then she dipped her head and put her mouth to the small ring there. She licked the nipple until it was taut and then nipped the piercing with her teeth, tugging it gently. She wanted to taste the other piercings too, the ones she saw on his cock. Gods she wanted him, desperately. “You would have to get lots of lube, because I’ve never had anyone in my ass, but I would love to feel it. I want to experience everything with you, Mikhail.”
“We wouldn’t put you through that right away. We’d need to get you ready, slowly and carefully. Butt plugs to stretch you out, maybe with a remote vibrator that either I or Gareth controlled. You’d never know when or where we’d turn it on. They’d get bigger over time, easing you slowly in preparation to take one of our cocks. Then, and only then, when you were ready, would we do that. Not one second before,” he said softly, brushing a kiss to her shoulder with just a hint of teeth.
Morgan’s legs were around Mikhail’s hips and they tightened at the promise that was held in his voice. “I would love that, I’m sure. We will have to do some shopping I think. Get me some cute little outfits to wear in the bedroom for you.” She could see herself in a maid get up and him ripping it off of her, leaving her just in the white thigh highs.
“Or you could just be naked,” he said softly. Lifting his head, he looked at her as he brushed his nose against hers. “Naked is very good, especially when you look so delightful and sinful as you are.” He kissed her before she could respond, his body settling over hers in the perfect press of skin to skin as he wrapped his arms around her to hold her close.
“Naked is very, very good.” She agreed wholeheartedly. “I think that naked is the best of the best of ways to be.” She agreed with a low moan. “Mikhail.” His name was like a prayer. It was a calling of her soul to his. She was desperate and didn’t care that he knew it.
Mik lifted his head from where he was nibbling on her jaw. “Condom,” he muttered it like a curse. Rolling them over he took them right to the edge. Her ass actually was hanging off into space but she never once felt like she’d fall, not with the hold he had on her, as he rooted around in the bedside table. Then they were rolling again until she was on top of him and he held up the condom to her. “You said you wanted to ride.”
“Oh yes, I do.” She took the little foil package from him and wiggled down his body. “But first.” She didn’t tell him what was first, she showed him instead. With her ass high in the air she began to lick and suckle his cock. Her hand wrapped as far around the girth as she could possibly get and her tongue toyed with the little barbells that were on the underside of his cock as well as the little ring at the opening. She had never been so turned on in her life, there was something about seeing those piercings that had her pussy creaming.
Looking up his body at him she grinned. “Will the condom hold up to these?” She asked and stroked her tongue along the piercings. “I’ve never had anyone inside of me before with piercings. I can’t wait to feel this.” Too much talking, needed more licking and sucking.
The sound he made couldn’t actually be called a word. She wasn’t really sure what it was but he seemed to be wrestling for some control. “It’s made for them specifically.” He finally managed to croak out as he drove his fingers into her hair and thrust his hips up, to encourage her she was sure.
“Good.” Was all that she said before she once more turned her mouth and attention back to his glorious cock. She worshiped it with her tongue, with her hands. She shivered because she knew she was so damn close to coming and he hadn’t even touched her, yet. Before she ran out of time and they both came, she unwrapped the condom and then lifted so he could see her. Popping it into her mouth she winked at him, and then with her mouth and tongue rolled the condom down his cock.
Once he was covered in the latex covering she prowled up his body and licked her lips. “So I take it you enjoyed that?” Her hands were braced on his chest and her pussy was poised over his cock, not taking him inside of her body, yet. She wanted him to be the one that pushed inside of her, wanted to feel his need for her mirrored in the sharp thrust of his cock into her waiting and wet pussy.
His eyes were definitely not icy cold anymore, hot for sure, burning would actually be more accurate. “Later you will pay for that torture,” he said softly. “But not now. Now I want you too much, need to be buried inside of you,” he growled out at her. He grabbed her hips tighter and thrust up, filling her full but not fully. He stopped when her fingers clenched on his chest and he watched her with that predator's gaze. “Morgan?” he turned her name into a question, one filled with concern.
She had let her head fall back and her eyes close when he thrust into her. “Don’t.” She gulped, forced herself to pull away from the joy of that moment and looked down at him with a greedy smile. “I loved the way that felt. I was savoring the feeling of the first time you entered my body.” She admitted and then lifted slightly, only to move downward once more with a low moan. “Oh Gods.” She breathed. “I can feel each barbell. I can feel the loop at the end of your cock. Jesus. H. Christ.” She panted. “I’ve never been so full in my life.” Never felt so good, and they had just begun.
His hands tightened on her hips briefly before loosening a little. “You’re supposed to feel them,” he said softly. “When I take you from behind later you’ll feel them rubbing over every nerve ending you have. It will likely be the quickest orgasm of your life.” Moving his hands, he took hers in his and braced his elbows at his sides as he watched her. “Move.”
She began to move. “And when you are in my ass?” Because she knew she wanted him there, she wanted everything. “They won’t harm me, right?” Morgan shimmied on his cock, that was the only term to describe the little twist and shake that she did as she slid back down on him a little harder. “God, I can’t wait to feel you taking me from behind. Feeling those barbells rubbing against my clit as you fuck me until we are both limp and gasping for air.”
“They won’t do you any harm, but the sensations will be intense,” he said, his hips rising to meet her descent. “They are designed without sharp edges or anything that could hurt you or me. They only give pleasure,” he said as he flexed his cock inside of her.
“Oh god and they do.” She was panting now, moving faster upon him as she did so. “So much pleasure. Mercy.” She let her nails curl and bite into his chest, she was riding him harder and faster, moving more and more quickly with each and every passing second in time. “Mikhail.” She saw stars, already she was so close, riding that edge, but wanted to hold off. God, she needed to hold off to experience more.
“Let go,” he told her, gripping her hips again as he lifted and lowered her to meet his thrusts. “Just let go and fall, I’ll catch you,” he said slamming his cock into her faster, harder and impossibly deeper.
Morgan trusted him. She did just that. She let go. She screamed as her pleasure seemed to fill her. Her flesh prickled in gooseflesh and her back bowed as she stilled on top of him, her pussy clenching his cock greedily.
Mikhail thrust up into her a few more times before he tensed and his back bowed. He let out a fierce sounding growl as his cock twitched inside of her and, oddly enough, seemed to swell a little more. As she began to collapse he caught her and pulled her down to lay over his chest. His frantic heartbeat was right under her ear as his arms held her to him tightly.
She was very glad she wasn’t the only one so profoundly affected by their lovemaking. The sound of his heart rapidly beating with hers made her smile. With her eyes closed she began to pet him and whispered, “I think everything has just changed, and I for one couldn’t be happier.”

Squeezing her gently he rolled them over and pulled out of her. “Let me get rid of the condom,” he said when she tried to hang onto him. Brushing a kiss to her lips Mikhail slipped off the bed and walked to the bathroom. He was out of sight for a couple of minutes before coming back toward her, apparently without any worry about being naked.

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