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Zeke's Meeting - Fantasies A-Z Series #EroticRomance #Romance

This post first appeared at my other site Sweet n Sexy Dvias, written by resident Diva Jennifer Kacey. 

Her books are smokin' hot and I just had to share the latest. Enjoy!

Book number six is available now in the Fantasies A-Z Series! Zeke's Meeting....

Love, love, love writing this incredibly kinky married couple's journey into the kink world. It's dirty and delicious with enough twists and turns you'll want to rush to the end to see what happens!

Enjoy an exclusive excerpt just for the Sweet N Sexy Divas!! Because right now I'm in Edinburgh, Scotland with my boy and parents!!!! SO AWESOME!!!

Have fun with the dirty story!!!

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The whirl of the jet engines seeped into Zeke’s veins as Aslan continued their meeting, which was taking place around their conference table, currently cruising at forty-one thousand feet.

“If you’ll turn to page thirteen, we can go over the space we have set aside for you on the next ship. It’s twice as large as the last vessel, so we can accommodate a much larger show.”

Across the table, two good-looking Japanese men and one woman flipped a couple pages farther into the dossiers in front of them. They were the owners of an acrobatic group he and Aslan had hired to entertain on several of their cruise ships. They were all performers as well and looked like they spent many hours training.

They were all around the same mid-thirties age range as he and Aslan, thankfully spoke fluent English and were highly sought after in the world of acrobatics. All of them just happened to be in the U.S. on the way back to Japan when Aslan was ready to discuss the next show with them. Instead of the meeting happening via video conferencing, they were able to coordinate a time.

“What is the height of the space on stage right?” Tang, the taller of the two men asked the question with obvious excitement in his voice.

Aslan turned to Zeke and smiled with a wink before turning her attention back to the group sitting with them at the long mahogany table. “Thirty feet on the sides and it peaks at forty-two feet in center stage. It’s the highest we’ve ever built and we made it specific for you, based off of our last discussion months ago. Your group is no doubt the one we get the most compliments about, so I fought tooth and nail to make sure the space met your needs on the new ship. This way, you can do anything and everything you can dream up and have multiple performances going at one time.”

“I can attest to the tooth and nail part,” Zeke confirmed. “The height was incredibly tricky to work into the design without it negatively affecting the rest of that level. Aslan couldn’t be swayed though. You guys definitely have her to thank for getting you everything you wanted.”

Shota, the more muscular of the two men, pointed to something else on his paper. “And the stage is really that deep?”

The woman, Honoka,laughed and looked up for a second. “I can’t even focus on numbers, my mind’s going so fast with possibilities.” She stared at the page before her again and ran her fingers over the rendering of the stage they would now get to fill. “It’s beautiful.”

Aslan’s smile could have lit Times Square, with her gorgeous white teeth and light-blue eyes. “I’ve been dying to show it to the three of you for weeks. So glad we could do it in person. Can’t believe our schedules worked out like this.”

Shota spoke up. “We wanted to thank you again for offering to get us back home. Your jet is…” He looked around and shook his head. “Amazing. It’s so private, too. Much better than the commercial airlines who lose our stuff.” He glanced at their luggage sitting on the couch behind them.“Then delays us for hours or days.”

“This is definitely a better way to meet, too,” Honoka added. “The flight being cancelled this morning actually worked in our favor this time. If we didn’t get home by tonight, it was going to throw off an entire week’s worth of preparation. But you guys never told us why you’re heading to Japan right now. Seemed highly convenient. Hate to think you’re doing it just to take us back.”

“One of our other cruise ships stops in Japan, actually. We had some negotiating we needed to do that was going to come up in the next couple weeks. So, we just moved that meeting forward so we could take care of two things at once. It was perfect and really no trouble. Worked out great for everything, I think.”

“And we got both of you,” Shota commented. “I can imagine you guys rarely travel together, with how busy you both are.”

“Very rare,” Aslan replied. “But we love traveling together. It’s always an adventure.” Aslan moved her foot against the leg of Zeke’s pants.

Zeke barely held back his growl of need. Fuck, he needed her. Holding off on taking her wouldn’t be an option for much longer.

Honoka smiled. “Talk about traveling in style. You have everything you could need on here.”

“Not a bedroom,” Zeke countered. He tried not to laugh when Aslan, he was sure accidentally, kicked him beneath the table.

Tang laughed. “You’re conference table is big enough to sleep a few people, not to mention the two couches on either side.”

“The conference table is even bolted to the frame of the plane. It’s not going anywhere,” Zeke offered......

Decadently Yours,

Jennifer Kacey



Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her miniman in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

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