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Where are the bisexual romances? #Romance #BisexualRomance

This post first appeared at my other site Sweet n Sexy Divas, written by resident Diva BL Morticia. Enjoyed it so much, just had to share.


My newest release, Blazing Trails with Hirah Blaze is a bisexual romance.

*screeching tires*


I know they exist, but seemingly in only small numbers. Before I started book 2, I looked for a way to categorize the first one on the Zon. I typed bisexual romances in the keywords and what I got was menages and a lot of books with 2 men on the cover.

No question a menage means the characters that are on the cover are bisexual because they feature three people, two of which like having sexual relations with someone of the same sex.

Then,there are the ones that have only two men. Note any book that shows two males does NOT automatically make it a gay romance. If you've been on social media, you've heard about the latest kerfuffle about gay for you. Meaning, the guy is "straight," then all of a sudden he falls for a man.

Plenty of people who identify as bisexual say it’s erasure and it is, I definitely agree.

So in the same vein, a lot of bisexual romances only cover 2 sides of the spectrum.Why is this? Why aren't there any bisexual romances with a female involved that aren't multiple partner books? And besides that, why doesn't Amazon have a category specifically for bisexual, transsexual, and asexual stories? My next book just happens to have a transsexual woman as it's MC so I will run into this problem yet again.


They lump them all into the huge LGBT category which is overrun by gay romances and or fiction and any book that doesn't fall into those slots drowns in the sea of same sex couples.

Then, there's the erotica aspect. My book does have sex, but it isn't an EROTICA book. It's not for solely titillation. It tells an actual story of a bisexual female who informs you from the beginning she likes men and women, then shows you more about her venture into the band.

*jumps off soapbox*

Trying to place my latest book has been a frustrating experience and not putting it in KU hasn't helped. Still, I'm going to continue the series and hope that someone will want to read, what I believe, to be a one of a kind story.

In truth, it didn't start off as a romance until I put together the bassist as the other main character. When she got a whiff of him, they started this tit for tat and she's having the having the hardest time keeping everything together. But then again, so is he.


So in closing, if you like music, romance, sexy, sassy characters and snark, then Hirah Blaze is for you. Next month, I'll tackle another topic that is directly related to the book.

Until next time!

* * * *

Blurb: If you want somethin’ real bad, you gotta work harder than everyone else.

My grandma was right about that. I did want to be the best damn guitarist. Not the best female guitarist or the best black female guitarist. The best fucking guitarist on the planet. Although Sarge and Diabolical Plan had given me the initial opportunity to show off my chops, I couldn’t be what I wanted to be with my ex-boyfriend steering the ship. I had to be the captain of my destiny. I had to be the one taking the lead.

Five months into it and I’m still pinching myself over this. Me, the little black goth girl from Milwaukee, along with Corey, Bryan Taylor, Nicolai Zander and the new guy on bass named Chad Stephenson.

Have I mentioned that Chad is hot as hell?

More about that later.

This is a spinoff of The Wretched Tales with new guitarist Hirah Blaze. She’s kicking ass and taking names, looking to become the metal world’s newest guitar goddess, but will she get sidetracked by The Wretched’s gorgeous new bass player?


All Romance



With Jimi Hendrix blasting in my ears, I peered out the window of the black Mercedes limousine, watching the tall buildings go by. For a small-town girl like me, these things were a rarity. Sure, Milwaukee had a few skyscrapers, but nothing like downtown Los Angeles, where the smog was thick and the hot bodies were aplenty. Truthfully, I liked the latter a lot better. That was one thing I missed about living in the Midwest. There was no heavy smog unless I went to Chicago. Clean air is good for the lungs and the soul.

Despite this, I was happy as hell to be here in Los Angeles to further my new career with The Wretched. I had just rented a new apartment, not too far from Corey and his boyfriend, Spescha.
When I told my grandma, she was proud I’d achieved so much in a short amount of time, doing what I loved. I reminded her of what she’d told me, and then added that there was some luck involved. Of course, I didn’t get here just based on my looks or even my stellar axe work. If I hadn’t met Renee, Nicolai and Corey, it might’ve taken me a lot longer to achieve some success. There was much more to do, but this chance was a huge stepping stone.

“Hirah, hey, we’re almost there.”

Chad’s country twang disturbed me from my thoughts and I shook my head to get me out of the fog. Chad and I were on our way to a radio interview, another rare thing to do these days. It was a dream to talk with a top personality about the band. Nicolai and Corey agreed that since we were the newbies, we needed to learn how to handle the press.

In all honesty, I believed it was their feeble attempt to push us together. Why those two decided to play metal matchmaker was anyone’s guess. Okay, so maybe a quick-and-dirty roll in a limo wouldn’t be a bad thing, but I really needed to stay focused. And even though we knew a little about each other, I wasn’t sure if Chad would be cool with me liking men and women.
Sometimes together.

For all I knew, he might turn out like my ex-boyfriend Sarge, who wasn’t into bisexuality. I never quite got that, since he liked to wear pantyhose and makeup every so often. Another reason why they say you can’t tell a book by its cover. Outside of that little peccadillo, Sarge was so damn hetero, he didn’t even want other chicks in bed with us. Go figure. I thought that was every red-blooded straight guy’s ultimate fantasy. Unfortunately, he also wanted that “C” thing and I loved my freedom too much. As I’ve said, relationships in bands do not work.

Okay, Fleetwood Mac notwithstanding.

I mean, there were so many hot people out there, especially in L.A. Fanboys and girls had been throwing game my way, and I couldn’t help but take notice. When I let the world know I was bi in an interview with Kick Ass e-zine, most of my fan emails included phone numbers and pictures, as well as offers to join them and their significant others. I relished all of the attention and at some point I might partake, but for now I still had so much to process and having anything more than little flings in my life would be a distraction.

Preparing to go, I turned off my iPod and pulled the plugs out of my ears. I glanced at my fellow bandmate and flashed him a wide smile. “You know you’re doing most of the talking, right?”
Chad swiped his pierced tongue over his top lip and grinned in response. His nose ring gleamed from sunlight shining through the roof of the car. Chad removed his Ray-Bans, revealing his beautiful light blue eyes. He raked his fingers through long blondish brown locks with a hint of purple on the ends. “I am? Why, when you got such a beautiful voice that everyone wants to hear.”

Jesus Christ, that voice!

What did I say about not getting involved with a bandmate?

Chad’s Texas twang melted me in places I didn’t even know were capable of being melted. Being around him was starting to become a constant struggle to keep my own rules. I seriously needed to borrow that chastity belt I’d heard the editor of Kick Ass, Deborah Meyer, supposedly owned. And from what Corey told me, that thing was locked tighter than an offshore account in the Caymans.

“Um, well, thanks, but I’d think they’d rather hear from you. You know because, you’re a guy, and dudes love hearing the guy talk first.” Metal was still a man’s world and frankly, I’d much rather talk by playing my guitar.

“Pssh … that’s bullshit, girl. ’Sides, you’re the lead guitarist. There’s no single solitary reason why you shouldn’t lead this interview.”

I re-crossed my legs and scooted up in my seat. The air coming through the vents wasn’t enough to cool the obvious heat between us. Or was that just me? Outside of music, we hadn’t talked about a whole lot of personal stuff in these few months. We’d written songs, we’d talked technique — because even though he is a really good bassist, he also knows his way around a guitar. Most bassists do, just not all that well. Chad and Corey were good and that set them apart from the rest.

I shrugged off his comment. “I guess. I bet you’re just too chickenshit to do it.” With a smirk I opened my legs a little so he could catch a peek at the black wolf tat on my inner thigh. I loved to flirt with him on occasion just to get a reaction.
To his credit (and my annoyance), his eyes stayed on mine. “Naw, gal, I got this, I’d just rather defer to you, since you’re the goods, Hirah, and everyone needs to know it.”

“This’s true, but I don’t want it to go one-sided. We’re a band first, not individual players. We’re not some supergroup like Velvet Revolver or something,” I joked back.

Chad placed his Ray-Bans back on his head. “I’ll make you a deal then. Maybe if you want me to answer something, then nudge me with your elbow.”

“How about I grab your balls instead,” I laughed, playfully kicking my leg at him. Okay, this game was becoming a little too much fun. Perhaps I wasn’t as strong as I first thought. The focus was still there, but a part of my body wanted Chad to be under me, not just on recordings but in bed too. I hated to say it, but I might have to break my iron-clad rule if I planned on scratching the itch with Chad Stephenson.

Fuck me, man!

And you guys think us chicks don’t think about sex as much as you do. Hell, we’re just good at hiding it.

Thanks so much for reading today's post. Hope you enjoyed it!

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