Friday, April 7, 2017

Easter Basket Contest - GCs and Free Books #RB4U #Contest #GCGiveaway



NOTE: APRIL Contest starts 3 April

Contest: TWO winners will each receive a $25 GC for either Amazon or B&N. Other prizes will be split between FOUR other winners! Contest starts 3 April and ends 22 April at midnight ET. To enter: Find the 20 author/industry rep pages that have the EASTER BASKET icon like the ones you see above AT THIS LINK: (that page and the Welcome Page don't count). Make a list of the names of those pages (ex: Marianne Stephens, Sultry Summers, etc.) and send your list to: Be sure to look at all author pages AND Industry rep pages! Names listed on Welcome Page/Contest page just mean participants are offering prizes...does NOT mean icons are necessarily on these pages!

NOTE: Snail mail prizes only shipped to US or Canadian addresses. Before sending your entry, add the country where you live, please!

1. TWO $25 Gift Cards for either Amazon/B&N from RB4U.
2. Ebook from backlist books by romance author Tina Donahue.
3. Ebook from backlist books by romance author Jean Hart Stewart.
4. Ebook from backlist books by romance author Denyse Bridger.
5. Ebook from backlist books or pen from romance author Michele Zurlo.
6. Ebook from backlist books by romance author Gemma Juliana.
7. Ebook from backlist books by romance author Alina K. Field.
8. Ebook from backlist books by romance author Kathy Kulig.
9. Ebook from backlist books by romance author Joanne Jaytanie.
10. Ebook from backlist books by romance author Sabrina York.
11. Ebook from backlist books by romance author Alanna Lucas.
12. E-book from backlist books by romance author N.N. Light.
13. Audio book of Shattered Dreams  by romance author Sandy Loyd.
14. Ebook copy of Word of Honor by romance author Alexa Aston.
15. Size XL RB4U tee and tote bag from RB4U.
16. Ebook copy of Cowboy, Yours by romance author Melissa Keir.
17. Ebook copy of No Holds Barred by romance author Paris Brandon.
18.  Ebook copy of LAST CHANCE NEW YEAR by romance author Joan Reeves.
19. E-copy of More than a Lawman by romance author Anna J. Stewart.
20. Kindle copy of the Charmed by an Emerald anthology from romance author Catherine Kean.
21. Ebook of Illusion: Utopia the Beginning by romance author author Mary Martinez.
23. All THREE books of Band of Bachelors in any form (print (signed), eBook or Audio by romance author Sharon Hamilton.
23. Print copy of Naughty List from romance author Marianne Stephens.
24. Paperback of Birds Do It! by romance author *lizzie starr.

Thanks so much for reading today's post. Hope you enjoyed it!

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