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13 Things Authors Need for Promo @kayelleallen #writingtip #MFRWauthor

This post first appeared at my other site Sweet n Sexy Divas, written by resident Diva Kayelle Allen.

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13 Things Authors Need for Promo @kayelleallen #writingtip #MFRWauthor

When setting out to promote your new book, what things are necessary for you to include in an email, promo, or blog? I'm going to give you a list of 13 things that are helpful, and a quick explanation of why you need them.

1. Your author name - The first thing you want readers to know is your name. That sounds silly, but you'd be surprised. SIGN every email and include a link to your website or blog.

2. Your book's title - this is another "duh!" piece of advice, but it happens. Be sure to tell us what the book is called.

3. If possible, the cover - if you have your cover, show it off everywhere, but I don't recommend sharing it as your avatar. Now, please note, I said "I don't recommend" -- if you want to do this, more power to you. But it's been my experience over the years that staying with the basics pays bigger dividends. It's up to you. I use my logo as my avatar on every social media site, and never my book covers. Why? Because when people see the logo they know immediately who is speaking or writing. A changing book cover dilutes your brand. Share it in addition to your logo/avatar. Get it in as many sizes as possible, from 100x150 pixels to 1800x2700 and anything else your publisher will let you have.

4. The book's genres - this is one of the first clues for your readers to help them know if they'll like your books. I've had people say they "never" read SciFi who have won a copy of one of my SciFi romances and ended up loving the genre. Some people get into one genre at a time, and read everything in it they can find. Whatever their inclinations, telling them the genre can help you narrow down your audience and help them find your book.

5. The publisher - Readers learn quickly which publishers please them. I know I'll get a different kind of book from one pub than I will another. I know which ones take PayPal and which ones don't. If you're self-published, it's okay to say so. By sharing the name of your publisher, you're bringing readers to a site that has the potential to make them happy for a long time to come. If every author in the publisher's stable does this, it means more sales for all of you. So be sure to share who published you.

6. Where to shop - beyond the publisher, where else can readers find you? Are you on Kindle? Nook? Kobo? List as many places as you can or have room to share. In today's diverse readership, it's wise to have many, and do include Amazon UK. It's easy to get an account there -- sign in with your US account and voila!

7. Your social media - Do you have a way people can share your book's cover and links on social media? My website has a link that lets people share on any social media site, but always includes Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest right in plain sight. You can't be everywhere, so let your readers help you tell others.

8. Your website - If you have a website, tell everyone. Include the URL in every blurb and promo you create. If people can find you online, they can find your books, and that will mean sales.

9. Your blog - if you don't have a blog, consider getting one. 2-3 posts a week will bring you readers that you'd never get otherwise. What do you share? That's an entirely different post, but remember who your audience is: readers, not writers. It's okay to share a writing-related post now and then, but if you want readers to find you, talk about your books, your characters, your life, and your interests. Readers want to get to know you.

10. "Heat" warning - if you have an erotic book that has a spicy scene, make the most of your warning. Some are looking for hot books, so don't hide your warning. Flaunt it.

11. Your book's blurb - This is very important and deserves to be at the top, but I put it here because I think most of us already have the blurb when we write the book. You pitched it to a publisher, didn't you? You already have the blurb and probably a tag. If you don't, for heaven's sake get one. Don't worry about all this other stuff until you do. It's vital.

12. A good excerpt - I recommend three excerpts minimum per book. Make sure at least one of them is material any audience can read. Try to keep them between 500-1000 words. If your publisher allows longer excerpts (say two or three chapters) that's fine, but for promos, you need shorter excerpts. For the hot one, use your warning as part of the story blurb.

13. Proper formatting - it won't do you one bit of good to have all this amazing work ready to go, a great cover, and lots of links for readers to visit and buy if they can't read your material. Before you post ANYWHERE find out what happens to the formatting. On Yahoo groups (and many blogs) smart quotes (curly quotes that lean toward or away from the words) may come across as code instead of readable text. When text is uploaded to sites online, problems reading the code may cause the final text to change format. Instead of seeing the word it's, the miscued code changes it to. Have you ever seen an entire page formatted like that? It's UG-ly. Don't let this happen to you! Click here to download a how-to that explains the means of eliminating this once and for all.

I've told you what to have on hand for when you get a chance to promo. You know what to share, how to share it, and why. Now, tell me your favorite tips and how you make sure you're ready to go. Please share it in the comments.
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