Sunday, October 8, 2017

Rosewood Shifters - Debut Novel - Paranormal #ParanormalRomance #Shifters

Today, my good friend Roxie Ferguson is here to tell us about her debut novel Rosewood Shifters.

Please give Roxie a warm welcome, and read on for details...

Rosewood Shifter’s

By Roxie Ferguson


Rosewood is a strong wolf shifter pack. However, they have one major problem; the she-wolves produce mostly male offspring. Their solution: for generations the packs in the area offered the humans protection in exchange for brides once a year. Bastian is the Rosewood pack Alpha and he trusts that the Goddess will bless him with a mate this year. His pack needs an Alpha with an heir and that’s what he’s been praying for. Alley is of age this year and she knows she is to be one of the offerings. Although her father is the Mayor she is not exempt, in fact he feels it would be an honor for her to be chosen: she’s not so sure. When she’s paraded onto the stage something astonishing, peculiar and puzzling happens…a man in the crowd with the most amazing eyes calls to her in ways she doesn’t even understand. For the first time, Alley thinks it might not be so bad to be chosen: if only it were him that does the choosing.


Inside the mating tent is a large mattress with colorful pillows. There are rose petals on the mattress. Bastian helps Alley into the mattress and goes ahead to kiss her. Alley loves his kisses, but gets nervous when he unties the belt of her gown. He then stands up to remove his pants. Alley is so shy she covers her face with her hands. Bastian lies down beside her and begins kissing her all over. He promises her that he will try not to hurt her. This seems to relax her some. Soon he has Alley squirming and panting. He knows now is the time to make them one. He tries to go slowly, but he is so big it still hurts her. Alley cries out when he breeches her maidenhood. He lets her adjust to his invasion, then he brings her to new heights she never known before. Just as they are about to finish together Bastian bites down on her neck where it connects to her shoulder!
This brings them both over to new heights as the mating bond takes effect. Bastian never knew how amazing claiming his bride his mate could be!

 Author Bio:

It has been a dream of mine to become a Writer. When my Mother passed away February 2017 and I need something to focus on. My Mother made me promise in her last days to follow my dream then a good friend of mine and fellow Author Michelle Hughes told me the same thing. Now I am Happy to call myself an Author.

Before all this I was an avid reader and a reviewer. I shared many of my reviews on my Facebook page   I myself learned Authors depend on and appreciate readers reviews.

By doing these reviews I was fortunate enough to meet many amazing Authors who gave me encouragement and tips that helped make me the writer I am today. I thank every day that for the chance to make my dreams come true.

Thanks so much for reading today's post. Hope you enjoyed it!

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