Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Harvest Moon Ride - Texas Ranger meets his match #Romance #TexasRanger

Like Texas Ranger heroes and strong-willed heroines? Then give Harvest Moon Ride a try.

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What’s a Texas Ranger to do when the damsel in distress is a cracker-jack shot and refuses to believe she needs rescuing?

Multiple word champion equestrienne, Etta Ross, has a dilemma.  How does she rescue the small band of mustangs from the rustlers who want to smuggle them to Mexico for slaughter while avoiding a run in with the legendary Texas Rangers?  If all she had to do was save the mustangs, her mission would be easy.  But she runs afoul of sexy Texas Ranger, Brody Jensen, when she’s wounded and stranded on foot in the middle of nowhere.  Not buying her explanation that she was out for a walk, Brody is bound and determined to protect Etta who is adamant that she can save herself.  Brody is convinced that a few trips over his knee for a bare bottom spanking followed by his dominant lovemaking is just the remedy to Etta’s headstrong cowgirl ways.


Etta unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned and unzipped his fly.  She was surprised to see that he too had on no underwear and was reminded that his hardened member was impressive.  Etta knelt down and looked up at him before wrapping her hand around the stiff shaft and taking the head of his cock in her mouth.  She heard him moan.  Maybe if she could get him to cum, part of his anger would fade and the spanking wouldn't be as bad as she feared.  She continued to stroke and gently squeeze his cock as she sucked and licked all over the head and underside, taking it deep in her throat several times causing him to moan in pleasure.  She lifted the heavy staff out of her way but kept massaging the base with her hand.  She lightly blew on his balls and felt him shiver.  She nuzzled them and reached out with her tongue to taste them.  He tasted fine -- a bit like the ocean on a summer's day, warm and salty.  Her mouth enveloped him again and he started to rock his hips forward to have her take him deeper.  As she started to suck harder and with more enthusiasm, Brody caught her hair in his hands and stilled the movement of her head so he could fuck her mouth.  Etta tasted pre-cum and was ready for him when he came in her mouth with a heavy groan.  She swallowed all that she could and then licked up the rest to clean him.

About the Author:

Willa Bradley lives in a remote area of North Carolina with her three wonderful basset hounds.  Their lives are filled with love and laughter.  Nights are most often spent with the hounds basking in the firelight and Willa writing to put premium kibble in their bowls.  When she’s not writing, Willa enjoys horseback riding, white water rafting, hiking with her dogs, times spent with good friends and baking from scratch.

Willa has been a successful competitor on the world championship level showing horses.  She has shown Arabians, Paints and Appaloosas.  She has also successfully show AKC Grand Champion basset hounds and has been invited to the three most prestigious shows:  Westminster, Eukanuba and Crufts.

Willa is always happy to hear from those who enjoy her work.  She can be reached at willabradly@hotmail.com  and you can visit her web page at:  https://www.facebook.com/realwillabradley/

Thanks so much for reading today's post. Hope you enjoyed it!

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