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Mission of Pleasure - Daughters of Africa - historical interracial romance #HistoricalInterracialRomance #Historical #Interracial

Afton Locke is here today to tell us about Mission of Pleasure, her historical interracial romance.

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Mission of Pleasure

As usual, I’m combining the sensual and spiritual. Claymore Missionary is one of many African missions that sprouted up in the 1800s. But at this one, an African woman struggles to hang onto her heritage while a tempting white man offers her an easier life. Will she choose her tribe or pleasure? This kicks off Daughters of Africa, which is will be more of a collection than a typical series. I hope readers enjoy it!


Mission of Pleasure by Afton Locke
historical interracial romance
Release Date - 7 April 2018


Gavin Douglas joins a Scottish mission as a carpenter to escape painful memories of his wife’s death from a back-alley abortion she tried to keep secret from him. The last thing he expects to find in Africa is instant attraction to a native.

For the past year, Zenda has devoted her time to Claymore Missionary, secretly erasing everything taught to her tribe’s children to prevent them from becoming whitewashed. Nothing else matters except claiming her tribal identity as a woman. But before her eagerly awaited rite of passage can take place, Gavin lays his own claim on her body, igniting desires she can’t face losing.

Gavin is horrified to learn of the physical transformation—and associated risks—she insists on undergoing. When he realizes his biggest loss may be yet to come, his only mission is to teach Zenda pleasure.

Daughters of Africa ~ African women who shaped the world and the men who love them


The Coast - Paul Simon

Stormy - Classics Four

Mission of Pleasure - Copyright © Afton Locke, 2018

“Don’t do it,” he blurted out, bracing his hand near her face on the tree trunk again.
“Don’t do what?”
“You know, the procedure.” He pointed to her passage. “That belongs to me.”
“To you?” His words sounded so absurd she laughed.
“It will.”
If he had said you belong to me, she would have stood up and run. Didn’t all whites want to own them? She’d heard of people—even children—being stolen from their homes, sold as slaves, and shipped to strange lands. The missionaries who wanted to make them white were just as bad.
The first group merely stole their bodies. The second, their souls.
“Please, Zenda. I need to be with a woman.” He planted a kiss on her earlobe, making the wooden loop she wore there press into her flesh. “Just tonight. I don’t intend to interfere with your freedom.”
At least Gavin acted more interested in her body than anything else. The feel of his palm on her bare knee made her want him, too. He dragged his mouth down her neck, playing her flesh between his lips like a flute along the way.
Swept away by a wave of dizziness, she clamped her fingers around his shoulders. The warm cotton of his shirt teased her, but she’d rather feel his bare, golden flesh. Before she could stop herself, she arched her neck so he could suckle more. Her blood sang in her veins when he slipped the fabric of her dress off her shoulder and pressed his mouth there, again and again. Soft, gentle lips one moment. Rough beard stubble from his squared chin the next.
“D-do you call those kisses, too?” she asked between gasps.
“Yes,” he whispered before planting another, to the corner of her mouth this time. “Your soft skin tastes so sweet and tangy. Like the green fruit I just tasted. Let me kiss all of you.”
The folds between her legs throbbed to life. Spirits help her, the man made her hotter than the noonday sun. With a force that rocked her bones, she imagined how his mouth would feel there. Wetness built between her thighs. Like a river flood, she would soon flow out of control, destroying everything she valued.

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Jamaican Vibration (sequel to Jamaican  Temptation) - a steamy contemporary menage set in, you guessed it, Jamaica!

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