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Trouble in Bliss - Paranormal Romance #ParanormalRomance #Romance

Want to heat up the summer? Check out Trouble in Bliss. This PNR will surely get your blood racing.

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After years away, Violet Collins returned to her hometown of Alden Glen. An Aelfir with an affinity for gems, she’s ready to start rebuilding her life. When she meets hunky Theron McDonal, she thinks things might be getting on the right track.

Theron McDonal, an ex-Hunter with a metal affinity, came to Alden Glen to help stop the forces threatening the town. Strange disappearances, attacks, it adds up to danger for the townspeople. But he discovers a little piece of bliss among the chaos. Violet’s gorgeous, welcoming, and the attraction between them is hot enough to burn down the town.

When danger comes to Alden Glen, they’ll have to uncover a longheld, secret grudge or the town could be torn apart. Can they survive and claim a future together?






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Heat Level R

 Violet smiled. Him without clothes was always a thrill. She rose to her feet and took a step away. He might not mean everything, but naked held far too much appeal. Especially, his gorgeous body.

She took off her shirt and worked on her black pants. He stood. His fingers flew over the buttons of his white shirt. Soon, he tossed it away. His chest muscles rippled with every move. Damn, she could stare at him all day long.
She pushed down her pants, taking the panties with it. Cool air slithered over her body. A shiver ran down her back. When she glanced over, he stood naked, waiting on her. Such a gorgeous body. He sat back down on the couch and held out his hand. She took it and straddled him.
His cock brushed against her pussy. Tingles coursed over her skin. He leaned forward and kissed her. His mouth glided softly back and forth. She opened her mouth, and she sank into the kiss. Soft and sweet, it slowly drew her deeper.
“Hold onto my shoulders and lean back. I want to taste these breasts.” He pulled back and his gaze slid down to her taut nipples.
She gripped his shoulders and leaned back. He wouldn’t let her fall back even if her hands slid off.
He lapped at the hardened peak. Sharp tendrils spiked through her. She stiffened. Her grip tightened on his shoulders. His tongue flicked and circled. Electric current sizzled, scorching across her skin. Her teeth pressed to her lower lip. Damn, he was settling into play.
His free hand drifted down her ribs and across her belly. It skimmed down and cupped over the mound of her pussy. The warmth of his hand seared. Tingles ricocheted over the sensitive skin.
Two fingers pressed between the lips. The tips grazed over her clit at the same moment as his mouth closed over her nipple. A shard of hunger lanced through her. She held onto him. He sucked hard. A riot of sparkling sensation boiled inside her. Her head fell back. It was almost too much.
He scraped his teeth over the hardened peak. Prickles danced across the tip. While he teased the hardened peak, he drew his fingers over the nub of her clit. A fiery ache blossomed, and the knot low in her belly tightened. Her hips jerked upward and her back arched, pressing her breast to his lips.
“I want to hear the sounds you make as the hunger takes you.” He rubbed his cheek against the curve of her breast. “Don’t hold back.”
His hand moved lower. Two thick digits pushed into her pussy while his thumb settled over her clit. A fiery bolt lanced at the light graze. Her thighs tightened against his. His fingers pumped slowly, before stopping. Damn, no, he couldn’t stop yet. His thumb didn’t move, simply pressed there. She ground her hips, trying for a firmer contact, but his hand pulled back.
His lips firmed around the neglected peak and he sucked. A sharp ache blossomed at the light suction. He drew back and grazed his teeth over the nub. Shivers coursed down her spineHe eased away and blew a breath over the taut nipple. She moaned. Tormenting man. He’d make her crazy.

Author Bio

Rebecca Airies has always loved to read. Futuristic, the classics, mystery, horror and of course romance from sweet to extra spicy--the genre doesnt matter as long as the stories capture her interest and take her on an adventure. She soon discovered a love for writing and characters just waiting to tell their stories. Since that time, writing has become an obsession.
Rebecca lives in Abilene, Texas. She loves the outdoors, growing things, and working on crafts when shes not lost in the worlds of her characters.

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