Wicked Times Two

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
ISBN:  9781419994449
September 2, 2015
Erotic Contemporary - Book Three Wicked Delights Series
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She’s through with love and just wants to have some wicked fun…
Burned by her cheating boyfriend, Jasmina is finished with the thought of forever after with any guy. That fairytale doesn’t exist. From now on, protecting her heart and letting pleasure rule is her motto.
She has the perfect men in mind—Noah and Kyle, two of the hottest cops in town. They handled an altercation at Wicked Brand, the tattoo parlor she manages. When they come back to get inked, watch out.
Deliciously virile, Noah’s ready to play. Kyle’s on board too, liking the thought of a threesome and her submission, bondage, spanking, no strings or regrets.
Sensuous days roll into steamy nights driven by desire, enhanced by yearning the guys hadn’t expected and Jasmina can’t deny.
What began as a sensual adventure could turn into so much more…if she’s willing to take the chance.
Noah cleared his throat. “He said your guy cheated and hurt you badly.”
Embarrassment flashed in her eyes. “He did.” She lifted her shoulders. “But I’m over him now. I want to have fun. That’s all. Nothing else. Ever.”
Wow. Listening to her was like hearing himself or another guy explain the facts of dating to a woman. He should have been crazy happy that she didn’t want strings or complications. Of course, having her use him and Kyle to get over someone else certainly soured whatever enthusiasm he might have had. “You don’t even want to be friends with us?”
Her features went slack. She touched his arm. “Oh yeah. Of course. Always.” She stopped running her finger over his wrist and eased her hand away. “But that’s all.” She regarded him and Kyle. “No pressure, okay? From you guys either. Nothing’s exclusive. We can all move on whenever we want. Tonight might end up being the sum total of our experience. Sound good?”
Surreal actually. He’d often imagined saying the same thing to women but hadn’t, afraid they’d kick him in the balls. Faced with mindless sex—what he’d wanted for so long—wasn’t as great as Noah had thought. He wasn’t certain he even liked what she’d proposed. Hell, where was the romance? This was like haggling over prenups to prepare for an expected divorce before even exchanging vows. Why bother going through with the ceremony? Where was the passion?
“You’re frowning.” She leaned in, studying him. “You don’t agree?”
“Are we only here tonight because you’re horny?”
Kyle choked on his beer. Noah slapped him on the back.
“Stop, I’m good.” Kyle pushed his hand away.
Jasmina lifted her shoulders. “Aren’t you horny?”
What the fuck kind of question was that? Of course he was—he was a damn guy. Came with the territory. However, women were supposed to better than men, have some depth, empathy, emotions. He sensed Jasmina did but was putting on her macho act, trying not to get hurt. Fine. He’d play along. Whatever made her comfortable.
“Absolutely.” He dug into his steak rather than her. “Hungry too.”
“Wait.” She slid her baby-soft fingers beneath his chin to his throat.
His hair stood on end.
“Taste.” She eased her fork to his lips. “I think you’ll like.”
The beef and sausage had nothing on her hand sliding down his neck. For a moment, he had to remember how to chew and swallow. After he had, he leaned into her touch.
God, he wanted everything no matter how bizarre tonight was turning out to be. “Yeah.”
She turned to Kyle. “You too?”
His voice was husky from booze, arousal or both. He cleared his throat.
“Good.” She smiled. “Give me a sec, okay?”
Kyle nodded amicably.
She faced Noah. “Scoot back but don’t lean into the chair.”
“Your back will hurt if you lean against the chair. So sit up straight but scoot back.”
He pushed away from the table, the legs of his chair scraping the hardwood floor. With the grace of a panther, Jasmina left her seat and settled on his lap, tucking her foot behind his calf, cupping his face in her indecently soft palms. “This is more.”
He inhaled sharply at her lips gliding over his, exploring, lingering. With the ease of a woman who knew what she wanted, she speared her tongue into his mouth.
A growl tore from deep within him, lust shooting to the surface, threatening to overwhelm. He cupped the back of her head to keep her close and wrapped his arm around her waist to make certain she couldn’t escape. Not for the rest of the fucking night. No—longer. To hell with what she’d said. This wasn’t going to be over quickly or easily, not until they both had their fill.
Time to show her how romance should work and what he wanted.
He pushed her tongue out of his mouth and filled hers, his kiss uncivilized, demanding, expecting her to suckle and pull him deeper inside.
She obeyed. Hell, she surrendered, melting into him, sliding her fingers through his hair. Lewd, hungry noises tore from him, from her too, neither of them holding back. He cupped her breast, thumbing her pebbled nipple through her top and bra, wanting both off, her stripped bare, beneath him, on top, any way that worked.
He angled his head to get closer, burrowing his tongue more deeply, savoring her clean taste, the damp heat of her mouth.
Too soon, she broke free, gulping air as hard as he was.
He growled. “Come back here.”
“Definitely. In a sec.”
She slipped off his lap, staggered to regain her footing and turned to face Kyle.
He shoved back his chair, eyes rounded, muscles tensed for whatever she planned to give him.

This was better than being in a porn film. Finally, a woman who cut through the BS to what made the world spin. Kyle opened his arms, welcoming Jasmina into his embrace. She straddled his legs, ever mindful of leaning against or touching his poor chest. Hell, as far as he was concerned Van Gogh could have shot him full of Drano if the pain led to this.
Giving her no chance to catch her breath, Kyle claimed her mouth, thrusting his tongue between her precious lips.
She moaned hoarsely, a guttural sound making the hairs on his nuts stand at attention. Wanting more, he deepened his kiss and cupped her boobs, squeezing gently, hard then carefully again trying to gauge what she liked most.
Jasmina kept pushing her breasts into his hands and wiggling her ass, straining to get her cunt closer to his cock.
Okay then, she didn’t prefer gentle or rough, seemed to love both. What a miracle she’d turned out to be, needing sex as badly as he did with the added delight of wanting to be his and Noah’s friend. How sweet was that? Her worrying about their hurt, easing their pain, promising to lube them.
Groaning like a man having a religious experience, he sank his tongue deeper, adoring the heat and flavor of her mouth. And her skin—wow, a rose petal wasn’t as delicate or fragrant. She smelled of need and spring mornings when hope was at its best, making you believe anything was possible. No more regrets or disappointments.
Best of all, she got him, dismissing his macho act, encouraging him to be human, not expecting what other women had simply because he was a cop. Too many of his dates had seemed to think flying bullets didn’t scare him, that a crazed druggie was nothing to worry about, and being called pig or grandpa by snotty teens was no big deal.
Those women hadn’t wanted a real man but a fiction created by romance writers or directors of X-rated films, their heroes able to chew nails and spit tacks, screw for hours without going soft, never needing sleep or understanding.
Right. Super Dick.
Jasmina was different.
He thumbed her nipples, relishing how she moaned around his tongue, the sound telling him how satisfied she was.
Her pleasure meant everything. He’d always considered himself a generous lover, making certain his dates came before he did, treating them with respect. However, after the good times were over, he’d bugged out quickly.
Not with Jasmina. These next hours wouldn’t be the end but the beginning of a journey he had to take, with them learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses, celebrating both, finding a place to call home.
As friends. Nothing more. Precisely what she’d said.
He turned his head to the other side, testing the angle to see if he could get closer, deeper.
Jasmina tore her mouth free, panting like a dying man.
Hell, he hadn’t been ready for them to part. He dove in for more.
She kissed him a moment longer then pulled away again, trying to catch her breath. “Not enough.”
“Well hey, give me time.” He held on to her. “We just started.”
Noah frowned. “Same here.”
“No. That’s not what I meant.” She pressed her hand against her chest and swallowed hard. “I want everything you guys have ever done with women. You’re in charge now. I’ll submit. Bring it on.”

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