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Magic & Mayhem #witch #lycan

I'm delighted to welcome Katalina back today. This is such an amazing book, you have to read it!
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Hoodoo Blue, from Fated Desires Publishing is part of the new Special Lines novellas. It’s book-one of the upcoming Magic and Mayhem series. This series is full of sexy, crazy paranormal hijinks in the beachside community of San Buena. I hope you’ll enjoy reading Hoodoo Blue, as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Fredi is a passionate witch with a scorching hot secret. Every time she has a sexual thought, green fire blasts from her fingertips. Gus is a gorgeous lycan who scares women away with his wild wolf-shifts. Not the best way to find relationships.
Both have vowed not to date until they get themselves under control, but a witchy friend thinks differently. The pair get tricked into sharing a frosty pitcher of “Hoodoo Blue” and fall prey to a wayward love potion that has them blurting out every lustful thought. Worse, it won’t allow them to walk away from each other. They’re stuck together until dawn under the devilish effects of a time-released hoodoo that makes them do outrageous things. For everyone’s safety, Fredi is forced to take Gus home and tie him to her headboard and only some very witchy lovemaking can calm the storm.
Fredi and Gus might find themselves on the set-up date from hell, but even a hilarious cascade of disasters can’t keep a plus-sized blonde witch with attitude, and a hunky lumberjack of a lycan from seeing the other would be the perfect mate.

Excerpt (Fredi arrives at the Voodoo Hoodoo Cocktail lounge):
She pulled her butter-yellow chrome-trimmed '76 Cadillac into the only available parking space. The space was a tight fit for such a boat-like car. A hulking, fire-engine red pickup truck outfitted with a baker’s rack and built-in toolboxes dominated its own parking space and had pushed its way over the line into the last space left. Like a jet pilot landing on an aircraft carrier, she expertly guided her Cadi into the cramped spot, knowing that if she passed it up she’d be driving for blocks to find another. The space wasn’t ideal, but it would simply have to do. After parking, she discovered she barely had room to open the driver’s-side door. With caution, she was able to crack the door open by half, but had to wiggle and shimmy her way out, which was a very undignified thing for a full-figured woman to have to do.
Fredi squeezed against the red pickup, cursing under her breath, and inched her way between the two vehicles. In the fuss, her heel caught, and she lurched forward. Her bulky, silver wrist cuff encrusted with moonstones scraped a sweeping gash in the pickup’s glossy, red paint.
“Damn!” She stared at the damage and immediately reached into her purse to retrieve her magic wand to repair it. Her hand froze mid-swipe. No wand. It was lying under the bed at home. Now what? She was a known vandal in San Buena. Now she’d have to walk into the Voodoo Hoodoo lounge and report her wrongdoings the old-fashioned way and offer to witch it later or pay. Bat crap! More paperwork. Her insurance premiums were sure to skyrocket. Again. She wondered if an evening out was such a great idea after all.
She pushed open the door to the Voodoo Hoodoo lounge and walked inside, ready to report her faux pas. The atmosphere of the lounge was intimate and mysterious in a slightly foreboding way. Bubbling fish tanks filled with glowing electric eels provided most of the cool blue light above the bar. Tropical birdcalls and the recorded roar of a waterfall filled the air, which felt humid and smelled salty adding to the equatorial feel.
The lounge was decorated for effect but there was a ton of real magic hidden in the details. Monstrously large tikis carved from the trunks of South Pacific palm trees lined the walls. Their scowling faces bathed in the glow of pink floodlights contained the actual trapped spirits of men who had the misfortune to piss off some old Kahuna at the turn of the last century. The lounge’s battered but elegant mahogany bar had been rescued from an abandoned ghost ship that had been towed into San Buena’s harbor and dismantled for scrap in the 1920s. It was widely known in the enchantment community that the bar was haunted by the souls of drowned sailors who sometimes followed tipsy patrons home.
Katalina Leon is an artist and author who can’t commit to a single genre. Her favorite playgrounds are historical, Sci-fi, contemporary, and most of all paranormal realms. Katalina brings a sense of adventure and a touch of the mystical to erotic romance. She believes there's a daring heroine inside every woman who wants to take a wild ride with a strong worthy hero.
“Hoodoo Blue” part of the Magic and Mayhem series from Fated Desires Publishing, Special Lines.
Available January 27th
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Tagline: “So, a curvy blonde witch and a hunky Lycan walk into a bar…”

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