Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Adored Erotic Romance #Erotic

I wrote Adored a few years back, but it's still one of my faves.
To reintroduce you to this sizzling erotic romance, here's the cover art, blurb, and a teaser. Enjoy!
A shameless fantasy come true…
When tall, dark and delicious Adam Farrell crosses Danni’s radar at a trade show in Vegas, it’s not lust at first sight. He’s been the star of her wicked fantasies for a while, pleasuring her in acts of domination and submission that leave her breathless. Aching for his masterful touch, believing she’ll never have it, Danni indulges in a public sex act Adam alone witnesses. What follows is a night of wild and unrestrained passion in his powerful arms. It’s only the beginning.
An undisclosed business deal has turned Adam from competitor to Danni’s new boss. His hunger for her is absolute and he’ll make her fantasies seem tame as he takes her in ways she never imagined—whenever he wants, wherever he desires.
Seduced by Adam’s plan to mix exquisite control with adoration, Danni’s swept into a sensual adventure she can’t resist. Until corporate politics intrude and she learns what Adam’s been hiding to protect her…a secret he’s long feared will tear them apart.
In Print and Ebook
Buy Links: Amazon – B&N – Ellora’s Cave
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