Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Stolen Desire Review - #RT #4Stars

I just got the best freaking review from Romantic Times for Stolen Desire, book four in my Outlawed Realm series.  Wanted to share. :)

Donahue brings genuine heart and soul to her extra-terrestrial world. Though the physical connections between her defiantly passionate characters are sizzling, their emotional development, and the bonds they form during their perilous adventures, is what will keep readers thoroughly absorbed. The wrenching cliffhanger ensures that anticipation for future installments remains high.
Paige Ross wanted nothing more than to forget the pain of her failed engagement with a few drinks at the bar; when she finds herself inexplicably transported to a candlelit room in an utterly unfamiliar world, her only thought is of survival. Her only hope appears in the form of a brawny, reserved stranger who promises to protect her. Unjustly charged with treason, Zekin has devoted his life to rescuing innocents who have been brought to his realm as pleasure slaves. He has sworn to free Paige by any means necessary—but having held her in his arms, can he really let her go?
Bridget Keown,  Romantic Times
Amazon - BN - Samhaim
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