Sunday, March 22, 2015

What's in a Name? #Games #Contest

Here's a question for you - What's in a Name?
Specifically one for a Witch, a descendant of Cupid, and a Fairy. Yep, all of these characters are in my newest erotic paranormal Freeing the Beast (Book One, Taming the Beast series - "Magic was never as sexy or as much fun...").
Today, I'm hosting a contest for these names.
Check out the below graphics, then leave your Witch, Cupid, and Fairy names in the comments section for your chance to win one of my erotic romances. Nineteen choices to choose from in contemporary, paranormal, menage, suspense!
Winner chosen March 24.

What is Your Witch Name

What is Your Cupid Name

What is Your Fairy Name
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