Friday, April 10, 2015

Black Hills Wolves - Erotic Romance #erotic

Dena's here today with Your Wild Heart, part of the Black Hills Wolves - erotic romance series. You don't want to miss this.
She's also hosting a contest - read on to check it out. :)
Dena Cover
Your Wild Heart (part of the Black Hills Wolves series)
By Dena Garson
Wildlife biologist, Isabelle Acker, meets sexy park ranger, Wyatt Powell. His Wolf sits up and takes notice of her, but when he learns why she came to the park, he becomes wary of her intentions. After all, as far as the general population knows, there are no wolves in the Black Hills.
Ordered by his Alpha to keep an eye on the smoking-hot biologist, Wyatt finds it difficult to keep his hands to himself. He wants to possess her, to share everything about his life, but that might endanger the Tao Pack. But the attraction proves too great and, unable to deny his Wolf, he takes her with a passion he didn’t know he possessed.
However, their sexual bliss is short-lived, and on the night of the full moon, more than one secret is revealed. When all is said and done, they must each decide—is what they have between them true love or just hot sex?
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Wyatt shot to his feet and ran to the river’s edge to make sure she hadn’t fallen on the rocks.
He scanned the surface of the water but didn’t see her. When she came up for air, she reminded him of the Sirens Odysseus had faced on his voyage home.
Mesmerized, Wyatt froze. Even though he could only see her from the waist up, the blood in his head pounded and rushed south to his groin, leaving him off-kilter. Thankfully, her back was to him so, when she ducked under the water again, he had a chance to catch his breath and regain control over his raging hormones.
When she came up for air the second time, she faced him. Her eyes widened, and her mouth fell open at the sight of him standing on the bank overlooking the river. She sank lower into the water and narrowed her gaze.
“Do you realize you’re polluting one of the park’s water sources?” His voice came out far more steady than he felt.
She kept her body hidden beneath the waterline. “Not any more than a deer or bear that wanders into the water. I’m not using any soap or chemicals.”
“Good thing. I’d hate to write you a ticket, Dr. Acker.”
Her eyes narrowed. “And you are?”
He hopped down to a flat spot, level with the water’s edge, then bent and stuck his hand out to her by way of greeting. “Wyatt Powell, park ranger.”
She looked at his outstretched hand then into his eyes. “Nice to meet you, Ranger Powell. But if you don’t mind, I think I’ll stay right here.”
He shrugged and stood upright. “Suit yourself.” He stepped away from the water. “Nice day today. But I’m willing to bet that water’s still pretty cold. It rarely gets above sixty, even by the end of the summer.”
“That I believe,” she mumbled. “Did you need something, Ranger Powell? Or do you make it a habit to drop in on park visitors at inconvenient times?”
The underlying sassiness in her tone appealed to him. “I do keep an eye on what goes on in the park.”
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