Saturday, July 25, 2015

Help Sampler 2B Free! #UKAmazon

Trying to get the word out on the Teasers & Tastes Sampler so those in the UK can get it for free - thus the Help Sampler 2B Free heading.
Here's the info directly from author Luzy Felthouse's site.
a author cover - teasersandtastes
Hi everyone,
If you’ve got an Amazon UK (or indeed, any other Amazon account that’s not US) account, could you please do me a huge favour?
The Teasers and Tastes excerpt collection I’m part of is supposed to be FREE. It is free on Amazon US, which is great, but it has to be reduced manually on each international site. So if you’ve got a moment, I’d really appreciate your help.
Basically, what you need to do is this:
– Log in to whichever international site you have an account for
– Navigate to the Teasers and Tastes page – links are here
– Scroll down to where it says “tell us about a lower price” and click on it
– Use either the Barnes & Noble or Kobo link as an example, and tell Amazon that the price is 0.00 with 0.00 delivery, and submit it
– Hopefully if enough people do it, they’ll hurry up and make it free. And when they do, be sure and download it, because it’s packed full of awesome excerpts from all of your favourite romance genres!
Thank you so much for your help, myself and the other authors appreciate it :)
Lucy x

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