Thursday, October 15, 2015

11 Alpha DOMs FB party #contests

You don't want to miss this...
The 11 Alpha DOMs FB party is today, hosted by the authors (me included).
Click here for the event location.
There will be games, contests, prizes, eye candy,stuff to make you swoon and stuff that'll make you laugh.
Here's the author lineup:
October 15th -- SCHEDULE (CST)
12 noon Krystal Shannan
1:00pm Desiree Holt
2:00pm Monique Dubois
3:00pm Felice Fox
4:00pm Selena Blake
5:00pm Tina Donahue
6:00pm Jan Springer
7:00pm Cari Quinn
8:00pm Ann Mayburn
9:00pm Selena Kitt
9:30pm Shoshanna Evers
All games will be closed to entries at 12 midnight CST.
From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors and more!
Are you ready for 11 alphas that will make you sigh, make your toes curl, and make your panties wet? You won’t be disappointed! We have military, menage, contemporary, and a dash of paranormal romance that will send you right over the edge.
Jump into the action and suspense and find out now how these alphas take care of their women!
Tropic of Pleasure Cover
The one woman they shouldn’t want. Two Doms she can’t resist. A sizzling weekend beyond their wildest desires.
Bondage, submission, punishment, oh my. Cara’s wanted Hud and Ryder forever. They’re Alpha to the core and love a wicked good time, which has her ready to sign up for their brand of BDSM.
Although Ryder and Hud haven’t been immune to Cara’s charms, they don’t have a death wish—her billionaire daddy is a major investor in their high-end construction firm. When she insists it’s no problem and offers to be their sub, visions of blindfolds, collars and her sweet surrender dance in their heads, along with the longing they’ve fought.
Oh baby. The battle’s just begun during a smoking-hot weekend on a private island.
Cara had heard about the wicked games Hud and Ryder played and, by god, she wanted in on them. Having both men tie her up, strip her bare, making her fully vulnerable to their hands, mouths and cocks…to discipline her until she wailed in delight, followed by their tender caresses.
Okay, so sweet intimacy from them was stretching it. The problem wasn’t that they were bad guys; they were disgustingly honorable when it came to her. Cara had met them when she was eighteen, shortly after they’d started their business. That was ten endless years ago. More than enough time to learn they weren’t looking for commitment with any woman, especially her.
That didn’t mean they couldn’t have fun together. When it came to rowdy sex laced with a heavy dose of kink, Cara could be as wild as all their other babes, even though there were obstacles to her desire. The least of which was her continued inability to tell them what she really wanted.
Hud suddenly glanced up from her report on the company’s newest project. Rather than ask any particulars about it, he seemed surprised she was ogling him and stared back.
A wave of heat rolled through Cara, as warming as a slug of good booze or an impassioned kiss.
God, he was something, at thirty-three definitely in his prime. Several locks of toffee-colored hair grazed his forehead, others curled around his ears, his haircut shaggy and relaxed, in perfect accord with a Palm Beach lifestyle. No different from his bronzed complexion, a delicious contrast to his cool gray eyes fringed with dark, unspeakably long lashes. His shadow of beard was beyond lickable; his rich mouth impossible to resist.
Shivering slightly, Cara imagined him pleasuring and imprisoning her with his hard bod, an easy task for such a large man. At six-three he was huge, all lean muscle and endless testosterone.
Carnal hunger, vaguely predatory, flared in his eyes, then was extinguished before it got out of hand. Clearly he didn’t intend to get down and dirty with her, as he had with his countless girlfriends. Cara had a good idea why he and Ryder had never hit on her but needed to coax them past their reluctance.
As though to put distance between himself and that thought, Hud leaned back in his chair. Today he’d worn brown slacks and a pale-yellow dress shirt, the sleeves folded back, exposing the bold tribal tat on his forearm.
Her mouth watered at the dark swirls and slashes. Glancing lower, she savored the impressive bulge behind his fly.
He shifted his weight in caution or arousal, hard to tell which.
“Thanks for the report.” His words rasped faintly. “You did a good job.”
Good had nothing to do with what Cara needed and finally had to have. “Thanks.”
She inched her attention to Ryder.
Finishing his sip of water, he continued to study her chest.
It took an enormous amount of will not to pull in her shoulders, hiding herself. Growing up, Cara had always been the big, plump or fat girl, whatever the snotty term happened to be that bullies used to taunt her. Thankfully, Kim Kardashian had finally wiggled onto the scene, making meaty bottoms and large breasts not only fashionable but also drool-worthy.
Ryder’s prominent Adam’s apple bobbed with another hard swallow. Hotter than a Greek god, he wore his dark blond hair long and tied back with a leather cord that was the same shade as his dreamy brown eyes. He was as tall as Hud, with the same chiseled body, his complexion golden from days spent in the sun, his bristly upper lip, cheeks and chin tantalizing, the bad boy look not at all tamed by his mint-blue dress shirt and navy pants.
Cara wanted to tear the clothes off him and lick his tiny nipples, pendulous cock, lightly furred balls, all while inhaling deeply of his leather-and-spice scent.
Hud’s was woodsy, tinged with musk, warm and seductive, making her want to eat him like a longed-for treat.
The smutty thoughts had her head swimming. She could barely catch her breath at what she was about to do, having waited too long as it was.
Hud studied her. “Is there anything else you’d like to show us?”
Was there ever. Cara hadn’t asked for this meeting to talk about work. “I want in.”
Both men looked so clueless it made them downright endearing.
“In on what?” Hud asked.
Clearly, she’d been too cryptic but had to take a second to gather her thoughts. His rich baritone had distracted her. “On being your and Ryder’s submissive.”
Their confusion fell away replaced by an expression only a prosecutor could love—the proverbial deer-in-the-headlights look.
Hud left his chair so quickly it rolled into the one next to it, causing it to bump against the granite conference table. After closing the door, he regarded the arched windows that stretched from floor to ceiling, exposing the room’s interior to the rest of the office and to anyone on the outside. Hazy sun streamed through the glass. Beyond it, squat palms, ferns, and flowers in a rainbow of colors fluttered in the humid breeze. In the outer office, two staff members walked past the room, not bothering to glance at whatever was going on inside.
They probably thought it was purely business, given the building model on the end of the table. Although Cara was a newly licensed architect—at the bottom of the pecking order, so to speak—she’d been responsible for many aspects of the mansion’s design, using the company’s 3D printer to essentially bring it to life.
Hud and Ryder looked like death, their complexions paling beneath their tans.
Cara hoped their reactions were a result of her knowing their secret or because of who she was rather than the unthinkable…they simply didn’t want her. Forcing herself to be brave, she leaned up and tried to soothe. “If you’re worried that making me your sub will be a problem, it won’t be. I swear.” She continued to speak quietly so no one would overhear. “Same with the kink. The wilder, the better.”

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