Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween Blog Hop #contest #prizes

I'm part of a super Halloween Blog Hop going on now.
You can check out my post on my new FB page - click here
Post is pinned to the top of the page. I’m giving away 5 of my backlist ebooks to one lucky winner! Twenty-five choices to choose from - full length, best-selling, award-winning in contemporary, erotic, paranormal, suspense, and menage.  Contest details on the page!
List of other participating authors who are running their own contests from now until October 31.
More details here
Monday, Oct. 19th – Tina Donahue, Emma Weylin, Natalie-Nicole Bates, Katherine McIntyre, Angel Payne, Laura McNeill, Kathryn Le Veque
Tuesday, Oct. 20th – Jessica Anhalt, Alison Mello, Meredith Schorr, Gina Lea, Julie Johnstone, Emma Hart, Joyce Ward
Wednesday, Oct. 21st – Amanda Mariel, Erzabet Bishop, Maro Bond Collins, Laura Chapman, Layna Pimentel, Carol Maloney Scott, D.E.L. Connor
Thursday, Oct. 22nd – Lisa Swallow, JR Grant, Catrina Burgess, Elise Faber, Hilary Grossman, Kenneth Hoss, Rachael Slate
Friday, Oct. 23rd – Autumn Seigel, Decadent Kane, Becky Monson, Ariel Marie, Tanya Holmes, Christi Caldwell, Jeannie Moon
Saturday, Oct. 24th – J.L. Ostle, N. Nieto, Barbara Devlin, Cassandra Piat, M.T. Magee, Traci Andrighetti, Jennifer Senhaji,
Sunday, Oct. 25th – Liana Brooks, Casey Clipper, Neal Roberts, Cait Reynolds, Nina Mason, Jenny Gardiner, Courtney A. Taylor
Monday, Oct. 26th – Leta P. Hawk, Shelli Rosewarne, L.A. Starkey, Jessica Bayliss, Elizabeth Kelly, Amy Gale, Melody Mulvey
Tuesday, Oct. 27th – Melissa Shirley, Tracie Banister, Geri Glenn, Kate Thomas, W.J. May, Bridgette O’Hare, Jena Baxter
Wednesday, Oct. 28th – Tammy Andresen, Blaire Edens, Sarah Robinson, Ali Parker, Sidonia Rose, PageCurl, Tami Lund
Thursday, Oct. 29th – Jolyse Barnett, T.L. Coulter, Cat Lavoie, Susanne Blumer, S.D. Wasley, Melanie James, Lily Lushesi
Friday, Oct. 30th – Cori Williams, Nicky Jayne, JC Santo, Isabelle Andover, Mari Brown, Erin Trejo, Suzanne Nicole
Saturday, Oct. 31st – Lynne Barron, Patricia D. Eddy, Ally Bishop, E.J. Stevens, Emma Locke, Sheena Binkley, Julie Morgan

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