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Best-seller with a wicked edge! #RomFantasy

This post first appeared at my other site Sweet 'n Sexy Divaswritten by Denyse Bridger, resident Diva.
This i s a great best-seller with a wicked edge and I wanted to share with everyone. Enjoy!
Hunters’ Game
(Vampire erotic/ménage)
In modern Toronto, two vampires stalk the night, their hunting a game that is seductive and deadly. In a darkly compelling Goth Club, they find the prey they seek for their pleasures, and the night runs crimson with blood and unquenchable thirsts....
REVIEW: “Hunters’ Game is a fast-paced paranormal erotic novella, populated with proper vampires... not the soft, cuddly variety filled with angst and wish-fulfilling romantic interludes. Cliantha and Demetri will set the hairs on the back of your neck upright as they engage in a peculiar game, part one-upsmanship, part sadomasochistic, part domination-control.”
Cliantha relaxed as she moved deeper into the underground nightlife of Goths and thrill junkies. These mortals she understood. They toyed with ways to bring death to them, so they could flirt with the darkness and decadence of those like her. Excited heartbeats vibrated against her mind, making her body hunger. She licked her lips, temptation gnawing at her control.
Reaching the bar where Demetri waited, she scanned the patrons hoping to get inside. Simply because she was bored, she plucked stray thoughts from their minds. A fluttering breeze caught her black silk jacket and it billowed out, revealing her gauzy blouse. A second, stronger gust had the light material pressed against her curves, and her nipples hardened painfully. She caught the interest of one of the men, and winked at him. The girl next to him saw the exchange and cursed at him.
Cliantha pulled her jacket back into place, making sure the young man saw her deliberately brush her distended nipples. She laughed when his mind filled with the image of her naked breasts, and his mouth sucking them while he fucked her. A snap of her mind, and he was blinking in confusion at the sudden loss of her mental touch.
She stopped on the sidewalk, immune to mutters and curses as people stumbled around her. The sign drew her eyes upward. Her mood became wicked, delighted as she read the name: Savage Garden. This place had a reputation for decadence and the people outside certainly gave credence to the image of unbridled lust the club’s name was meant to incite. Twisted yearnings and dark desires waiting to be unleashed battered her mind each time she opened her thoughts to the human throng.
He couldn’t have picked a more appropriate place to let loose the thirsting demons inside them. His presence called to her, luring, like a flame illuminating the path that would lead her to salvation. Or, more aptly, eternal damnation.
A satisfied smile curved her mouth, and she answered the siren-song of her lover’s call. She walked past the crowd, ignoring the mutterings of discontent her audacity incited. The young man at the door, selecting the clientele for the night, stared at her. His smile, like so many she’d seen that night, was speculative, calculating and oblivious to the mortal danger his lust for her put him in.
“What can I do for you, darling?” His faint British accent added a pleasant lilt to his insolent query.
He was a nice-looking boy, tall, fair, and filled with his own importance.
“Let me go in.”
“Let me go in and you can have whatever you want, sweetheart.” He leaned close and his tongue flicked at her earlobe.
“Later.” She locked her gaze with his, penetrating his mind with little effort. “You’re busy at the moment.” She nipped the trapped fullness of his bottom lip and laughed when he jerked back, a droplet of blood staining the corner of his mouth. She leaned close again and licked the crimson smear, an electric shock of excitement exploding in her veins when the metallic taste lingered on her tongue.
She stepped past him as she released her mental hold and his confusion drifted out of her awareness.
Inside, the bar was murky. Her vision flared with preternatural sharpness, defining shapes and shadows with vivid clarity. The stairwell echoed weirdly, distorting sound with the hammering beat of the music and she almost floated into the dark room.
At the top of the stairs, she paused again. Her heartbeat quickened with each step she took closer to contact with Demetri. The fiery red fixture hanging from the ceiling sent tendrils of light spiraling outward, crimson streaks glinted off chrome, absorbed by the shadows. A powerful strobe turned the dancers into frantic marionettes as the madness of primal music carried them into their own private darkness.
A flicker of reddish blond hair caught her eye and her vampiric sight pierced the murky atmosphere, saw him smile at her from across the room. Already her body hummed with the knowledge that his hands would soon be on her skin, inciting a hunger that no one else could feed.
She brushed past the few who lingered near the top of the stairs, and skirted the metal bars that gave the place such a distinctive look. By the time she reached where he’d been, he’d vanished. Grinding her teeth, she whirled around and studied the crowd. Again, his pale presence drew her. One arched eyebrow rose in amused challenge.
“Your game is intriguing, love,” she whispered. He’d hear her despite the deafening music.
And which role do you prefer to play? Predator or prey? His answer whispered inside her head, and she grinned.
What does it matter? It always ends the same and I have never objected.
“Can I get you a drink?”
She started, and reluctantly looked away from her lover. The newcomer was tall and thin, dressed in black pants and vest over a starkly white shirt. He had shoulder-length hair that haloed a face that reflected both innocence and sensual knowledge. He was rather exquisite.
She nodded and allowed him to guide her to the bar. She accepted a glass of red wine and strolled toward the central row of tables. As expected, the boy followed her, but she stopped at the half-wall bordering the dance floor instead of moving into the shadows where tables afforded more privacy. She leaned on the wide ledge that acted as a counter, and peered at the gyrating dancers who turned the area into a roiling sea of color.
“You’re very beautiful,” the young man whispered.
“Thank you,” she replied into his ear. “What is your name?”
“Felix. You are?”
“Cliantha.” She searched the room for Demetri. The tingle within her began to fan outward, heat and longing growing more intense with each moment that he denied her. She looked up at Felix, her fingers trailing lightly over his arm. She leaned into him, creating a small circle of intimacy around them as she angled her body toward him.
She closed her eyes and shuddered, her body aching with arousal. Demetri’s voice inside her head was a caress, a promise of passion and madness to be indulged at their whim. His displeasure at her companion’s attention amused her, but she wasn’t foolish enough to disregard his annoyance. She smiled at the boy. Before she could utter a sound, Demetri appeared at her back.
“My love,” she murmured as he pushed aside the collar of her silk jacket and lowered his lips to the bared curve of her neck. A flush crawled up her spine and quivered in her stomach as she arched into him.
“Go.” The boy fled at Demetri’s quiet command.
Cliantha writhed when he pulled her hips snug to his...

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