Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New Release FB Event #contests

Today I'll be at Desiree Cox's new release FB Event
I'll be taking over from 6:30-7 PM Eastern Time
Nov. 18th
12pm Desiree Cox (Featured Author)
12:30pm – Kristina Canady
1:00pm – S. Reynolds
1:30pm – C.D. Taylor
2:00pm – Aden Lowe and Ashley Wheels
2:30pm – Elizabeth Lynx
3:00pm – Jules Dixon
3:30pm – K.L. Silver
4:00pm – J.f. Silver
4:30pm – Tina Donahue
5:00pm – S Raven Storm
5:30pm – Alexandra Iff
6:00pm – Alex Grayson
6:30pm – Cory Cyr
7:00pm – Allyn Lesley
7:30pm – Natasha Blackthorne
8:00pm – Addison Kline
8:30pm – Angel Rose

9:00pm – Elaine Barris
9:30pm – Harper Miller
10:00pm – J. Asmara
Hope to see you there!

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