Thursday, January 14, 2016

Awesome FB Valentine Event #contest #giveaways #authors

You don't want to miss this!

The Tina Donahue Valentine Bash has started on FB.

Bash runs from January 11 through February 15.

Click here for location.

Over 60 authors are participating. Join them daily for spot contests, games, eye candy, cover reveals, excerpts, and more!


Participating authors:

Tina Donahue
Trinity Blacio
Donna Michaels Author
Dena Garson
Sheri Fredricks, Modern Mythic Romance
Rhenna Morgan
Natasza Waters
Sharon Johnson
Trinity Bailey
Cree Storm Book Series
Desiree A. Cox - Author
Savannah Hill
Elle Boon Author
Andrew Jericho
Amy Jericki
John Tucker
Lexi Post
Secret Realm Book Reviews & Services
Debbie Zello Author
J.F. Silver
Wicked Women Book Blog
Author Lea Winkelman
Mark D. Davis
Author-Savannah Morgan
Alanea Alder Author
Ethan Radcliff Author
P.T. Macias
Kasey Belle
Kat Barrett
EVENTed Online
Books, Coffee, and Crafts News
Lisa Kessler
Ashley Malkin
Hot Ice by Lily Harlem
Craig Lowe
Judith Anderson Author
Blake Thorne
Cynthia St. Aubin
Merritt Kelly
Julia Mills, Author
Alexandrea Weis
Jill Cooper
LaTeisha Newton
Tamara Lush
M.T. Magee
Aurora St. James
Kathryn Le Veque, Author
Bonnie R. Paulson
Kathryn Lynn Davis
Deb Carroll
Linda Andrews
Bree Pierce
Elias Raven Author
Author Don Abdul
Faith Gibson
Zorha Redwolf Edwards
Sam JD Hunt
GM Scherbert 
Paulie Dee 
Sebastian Ex

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