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Disciplining the Beast, book 5 in my Taming the Beast series.

Erotic Paranormal-Romantic Comedy

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Thank heaven for babes who like to raise hell.

Taming the Beast, Book 5

Wynona relishes her job as a reaper. Some jerkwad pisses her off? He’s toast. Any douchebag who mistreats a woman better watch out. Lately, she’s been enjoying it a little too much—and Heaven is not amused.

Wings temporarily clipped, she’s doing time working as an enforcer at From Crud to
Stud. The body count isn’t what she’s used to, but at least the scenery—that is, her celestial parole officer—is tall, dark, and deliciously hot.

Rafael can’t take his eyes off Wynona. No, really. She’s a 24/7, one-on-one job. No matter how hard this angel rides her, she begs for more. Finding a way to bring out her best side is turning out to be the greatest challenge of his career.

She’s sassy and sexy, and she’s brought out a side of him he never knew existed—an inner Dom that is only too willing to follow her down the garden path of unrestrained indulgence. And once they set foot on that slippery slope, there’s no turning back.

Warning: Virtue has met its match. Celebrates bondage, discipline, voyeurism, and crazy good sex in an office setting, fetish club, and everywhere else. The faint of heart are advised to turn back now.


The world stilled.
Wynona’s longing exploded. She melted into Rafael, desperate to get close, and parted her lips to welcome his tongue.
On a restrained growl, he slipped the sweet thing into her mouth, filling her, exploring, his bristly cheeks rasping her skin.
Her nerve endings fired wildly, creating currents of heat followed by a flood of comfort and renewed excitement that had her panting for more. He deepened the kiss, not allowing her one breath or the faintest sound. Her mind turned to mush. She surrendered fully, suckling his tongue deeper, adoring his taste, as fresh and innocent as a new day, rich and seductive to match the most shameless night. Crazy good.
She tugged off the leather cord confining his hair. Freed, those silken waves glided over her hands, thick and wavy, scented with something divine she couldn’t quite place. She imagined the scent was how a sunbeam or a shooting star might smell. Otherworldly and unmatched. Yet he was also of this earth, a passionate being, no different from her.
Indulgence was on their menu. Control not allowed.
She buried her fingers in his mane, hopped into his arms, and wrapped her legs around his lean hips.
He teetered from her weight but righted himself quickly like the strong guy he was. All lean muscles rippled with power, biceps and shoulders bunching.
She moaned for all she was worth, the base noise muffled by his tongue, which transformed the sound into a softer, more feminine response. Already, he’d conquered her and she didn’t mind. He could freaking tame her all he wanted during moments like this.
He turned a slow circle. A sensual dance she couldn’t resist. From the moment she’d come into being, she’d yearned for intimacy fueled by lust but also laced with tenderness.
His kiss was less frantic now, more searching, reaching beyond the fa├žade of her leather outfit, outrageous bravado, and snide comments to the real woman beneath.
Lonely, wanting, horribly insecure.
A flicker of unease ran through her. Walls went up. Submitting to carnal hunger was one thing. Craving anything beyond that was certifiable. She was a reaper, lowest of the low, more hated than politicians, lawyers, and used-car salesmen.
This had to stop.
Rafael wrapped his arm around her waist and coaxed her closer.
Fevered and reckless, she pushed his tongue from her mouth and filled his with hers.
      He groaned heartily.

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