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Answer a question - enter to win a $100 GC and other prizes - Roping the Cowboy contest #RB4UAnthology #RopingtheCowboy

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Here's the deal. I'm going to ask a question about the below excerpt from my book Pleasuring Pandora in the Roping the Cowboy anthology.

For your chance to win a $100 GC, leave your answer to my question in the comments section.

Next, you'll go to the contest site at this link: and visit the other authors' websites. They'll each have a question about their excerpts.

Once you're finished answering, each of the nine Roping the Cowboy authors (including me) will choose one participant's name from comments on their blog. We'll mix up those nine names in a virtual Stetson to draw a grand prize winner. Check out these fantastic prizes! 

$100 Amazon Gift Card and a virtual gift basket of ebooks and author swag.  

MY EXCERPT FROM Pleasuring Pandora
by Tina Donahue

Simone and Lupe pulled Pandora into the building.
The heat punished worse than outside, this warmth generated by countless bodies and raging hormones. Couples danced, cuddled, kissed, and groped to the thunderous beat. Unattached guys hung out at the bar, played pool or darts, and eyed the single ladies. An acrid cloud hung heavy enough to kill a five-pack-a-day smoker.
Lupe elbowed Pandora. Smile.
Can’t.” Simone pointed to her mouth. Stupid braces.”
Not you. Her.” She jabbed Pandora. Go on.”
She couldn’t get her lips to work. Jack strolled through the smoky haze with more macho than Moses had through the Red Sea and stopped directly in front of her, seemingly conjured up for her pleasure. Black jeans hugged his long legs, dress boots his big feet. His black shirt fit snug, the sleeves folded back to expose his forearms. A huge silver buckle displaying the letter R graced his belt. He’d left enough stubble for a dangerous edge and looked good enough to eat.
The room spun.
Jack Ryder.” He put out his hand. “We’ve met, right?”
Sure.Simone giggled. Pandora gave you a ticket this afternoon. Remember?”
The heat in his eyes said he didn’t…or maybe he did. Pandora couldn’t be certain.
That’s right.” He smiled slow and lazy. Officer Perez. We meet again. Great tat.” He stroked it.
Tingles shot up her arm. Her throat constricted, making speech impossible. She slipped her hand into his.
He shook firmly, proving his strength, but kept it gentle, too, though not enough to let her get away. With skill honed from a thousand conquests, he eased her closer and fondled her fingers.
Not about to play dead, she stroked his thumb.
He reeled her in, their knees bumping, thighs touching. Noise receded, along with the crowd. Only he remained, his eyes sparkling in the faint light.
He cupped her face.
Not even death would have kept her from enjoying his touch. This felt too good and right. What should have happened years ago.
She melted into him, eager to start their journey no matter the final destination. Only fun mattered, experiencing what beautiful people did so effortlessly.
He stroked her cheek, his gesture surprisingly tender. We good so far?”
Whiskey scented his breath, musk his bod, making her bold. Definitely, but I want more.”
Mischief and lust danced in his eyes. What did you have in mind?”
Why don’t you show me?”
Intense and all male, he lowered his mouth to hers and slipped his tongue inside. 


What letter is on Jack's belt buckle?
(HINT: The answer is in the excerpt)

When you provide your answer in the comments section, PLEASE leave your email address.

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  1. the letter R
    greenshamrock ATcoxDOTnet

  2. Congrats on your new release! I loved your except and can't wait to read this! The letter R. My email address is

  3. I'm honored to be included among such amazing authors in this set! Thanks for posting Tina :)

    1. I'm honored too, Nic. This is a great set of authors with awesome romances.


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