Sunday, October 9, 2016

Call Me Zhenya - paranormal thriller #Paranormal #Thriller

Katriena Knights is here with her new release Call Me Zhenya. Sounds like a great tale.

Please read on for details...


Call Me Zhenya

Paranormal Thriller


Protective custody, six months max, they said. Just until people strop trying to kill her, they said. Two years later, Anna Slaten—and the data surgically and genetically locked inside her enhanced brain—is still behind bars.

The Agency, the deep-cover counterintelligence group she works for, decided a secret government prison in the Arctic was the safest place for her. Truth is, between soul-deadening routine and dodging pointy objects wielded by fellow inmates, she’s not feeling particularly safe.

Evgeni Belyakov has some seriously bad karma to atone for. Two years ago, the black wolf shifter assassin followed orders and did what he was genetically enhanced to do. Since then, he’s learned the ugly truth about the Agency’s rotten underside. And that Anna is next on the hit list.

Extracting her from the Agency’s clutches is just the beginning of an icy trek across the tundra toward sanctuary. But with the Agency’s henchmen are one step behind them, saving her could mean risking everything. His heart. His soul. His secrets. And surrendering control to the most dangerous creature of all. His wolf.


Katriena Knights wrote her first poem when she was three years old and had to dictate it to her mother under the bathroom door (her timing has never been very good). Now she’s a full-time writer and editor with over three gajillion published novels/novellas/short stories/what have you. She grew up in a miniscule town in Illinois, and now lives in a miniscule town in Colorado. Visit her at her website at She can also be found on Twitter at and on Facebook at

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