Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Simone: Desires of Blood - Book 5 #EroticParanormalRomance #Romance

Like sexy and exciting paranormal romances? Then check out Ethan Radcliff's newest tale Simone: Desires of Blood...


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★SIMONE: Desires of Blood Book 5


You can also pick up books 1, 2 and 3 in the series, Vampire, Warlock, and Jackal, for $ .99 for a limited time.

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Book 5 of Desires of Blood will not let you down.

Beautiful, deadly and deceitful Simone has re-entered Royce Bellamy’s life. She’s his maker, the vampire who turned him. With her comes her lover of the moment, Grayson a deadly vampire-shifter. Simone’s got a date with the devil, she’s promised to help him.
Meet Lucian, the devil, who every few thousand years, tries to gain entrance to the world above. This time, he’s hoping to rule what he’s been forbidden. But Simone gets bored far too easily and Grayson’s not taking the bone Lucian’s thrown him.

Enter Cross, a vampire hunter who encounters Simone as she’s fleeing hell. She oozes sex and takes the vampire hunter to her bed. He’ll never be the same. Begin the journey. Read the series, Desire of Blood: Vampire, Warlock, Jackal, and Shapeshifter.

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For those of you who may not be as familiar with Ethan's work, he has quite a selection to choose from. In addition to an accomplished writer, he is a very impressive poet. So far, he has 12 short stories, 2 poetry books and 3 full length novels published. 

     If you're in the mood for BDSM, I recommend you check out The Wait, the Taming of Molly Jenkins and its sequel The Collaring of Molly Jenkins, The Magician, DOM, or Gentlemen's Agreement.  Is the paranormal world more up your alley? You need to take a look at his Desires of Blood series. Vampire, Warlock, Jackal, and Shapeshifter are available now with Simone October 21st.  Maybe bad boy bikers is your preference, Please and BAD is a great place to start. The third in the Death Riders short stories series, Chaz, just released recently.   I personally love hot, alpha cops. Ethan's first full length story, A Man of Honor, is my recommendation to start.  I can not leave out his hot erotic poetry. Ethan has been setting panties on fire with A Sometime Poet and Kisses and Licks. In the meantime, come join us and spend a little bit of time getting to know him.

Ethan LOVES Stalkers!
Licks and Kisses Poet and Friends

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