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Erotic Espionage - Menage & a Contest #Romance #EroticRomance #Menage #Contest

Please welcome back Willa Edwards.

Willa is giving us a sneak peek into Erotic Espionage, book 2 in her To Handcuff a Thief series, and she's hosting a great contest.

Read on for details...

Revisiting with Old Friends

Last week the second book in my To Handcuff a Thief series released. This story starts up a few months after the first one took place. But of course, McKenna, Chris and Sawyer are still up to trouble. Though Chris and Sawyer would say it’s for a very good reason, McKenna is just in it for the money (as always).

While I love these characters incredibly, especially McKenna whose outward cynicism covers up a very battered heart that always gets to me, I found it a lot more difficult to reenter their world than I anticipated. This is the second time I’ve written a series featuring the same set of characters (and this will be the longest series when I’m finished) and both times I’ve found it difficult to try and get back into those characters heads after being gone for a little while. To try and remember or more importantly feel, their motivations takes a lot of work. More than writing a completely new work.

With a new work you can let the characters guide you, let them take you wherever they want to go. But with established characters you have to keep a tighter rein on them (or at least I do), making sure they don’t wander off into dangerous territory they should be in.

So if it’s harder for me to write these types of stories, why do I choose to do it? For me, it’s all about the characters. And with these particular characters, I just didn’t feel I could walk away from them after only one book. Their story was too unsettled. It didn’t feel solid. And for McKenna, more than maybe any other of my characters, I really wanted to give her a happily ever after she could depend on. After all she’s been through, all the disappointment and hurt she’s suffered, she deserves to be happy, in love and to have someone, or more appropriately someones, to depend on.

I hope you’ll take a look at my newest release, Erotic Espionage, and give Chris, Sawyer and McKenna another shot at your hearts. I can assure you, bringing them back to the world has definitely been a labor of love. I hope reading their story will be the same for you.

****** CONTEST******

One lucky commenter will receive a copy of Sensual Sabotage, the first book in my To Handcuff a Thief series. Include your email address with your comment to be eligible to win.


Two months after meeting Sawyer Hamilton and Chris Brewer, McKenna James and her two men are thick as thieves. Well, one thief and two sexy engineers. United in great sex and their continued battle against Texichron, the company that sent McKenna to steal their plans for a waste-less oil refinery.

Sawyer and Chris aren't strangers to protecting what's theirs. And that now includes McKenna. If that means they have to spend their nights in a crappy motel and their days watching over her on security cameras, they'll do anything to insure her safety. Whether she wants it or not.

McKenna has never had a partner. Then again, she'd never met anyone like Chris and Sawyer before. Having Chris and Sawyer watch her back is more fun than she anticipated. And when things go downhill, they stick around. But getting used to that is a dangerous proposition.
One she isn't sure she can accept.

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“He kept his combination in the desk drawer. Where anyone could take it?”

She shut the drawer and headed over to the safe. “He never thought anyone who got into the office would know where it was.” A common mistake. Few considered an attack from inside.

Which was half the reason she could take the jobs she did. She didn’t sneak around, climb through windows, or break safes. She only took what was freely available and easy to steal. Which usually was a lot more than people realized.

“He’s an idiot.” Sawyer followed close beside her. His presence trailed her around like a comforting shadow.

She smiled over her shoulder. “Do you have any idea how many idiots there are in the world?” She leaned down over the safe, grabbing the dial and turning to the first number. Twenty-five.

“Enough to keep a talented thief in business.”

“And then some.” Thank God for all of them. If not for them, she wouldn’t be in a pair of Jimmy Choos right now.

“We weren’t this easy to steal from.”

She remained quiet, turning the dial to the second number. Forty-seven.

“Really, McKenna, we weren’t this easy to steal from.” Annoyance radiated through his voice with a twinge of anxiety. She should be nice to him, let him know she’d only been able to steal from them due to luck and the fact they both wanted to get into her pants. Men always let their guard down at the possibility of pussy. But it was way too much fun teasing him to give up just yet. He had enough fun teasing her last night. It was about time she got a turn.

“Of course not.” She grinned, turning the knob to the next number. Six.

“I’m serious, McKenna.” The little high-pitched tone of his voice only made her smile grow. But the volume was a little worrisome. “We were not this easy to steal from.”

She shook her head. “You were not this easy to steal from. But you were far easier than you should have been. Once we’re done with all this, I promise to tell you every trick in the book to make your office impenetrable.” Starting with finding the ugliest secretary in the tristate area. That would solve more than half their problems. The fact that it also lightened her chest was not a factor in the decision. Absolutely not.

“Now can we finish what we’re doing here, before we get caught?”

Sawyer shook his head, as if he’d forgotten where they were for a minute. “Yes, sorry.”


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  2. I am a newbie to your work. Sounds like a hot read!

  3. Since you were the only two to comment I'll send you both a copy. Expect to see it in your inbox shortly.


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