Publisher: Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419925467
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Erotic Contemporary Romance
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A shameless fantasy come true…
When tall, dark and delicious Adam Farrell crosses Danni’s radar at a trade show in Vegas, it’s not lust at first sight. He’s been the star of her wicked fantasies for a while, pleasuring her in acts of domination and submission that leave her breathless. Aching for his masterful touch, believing she’ll never have it, Danni indulges in a public sex act Adam alone witnesses. What follows is a night of wild and unrestrained passion in his powerful arms. It’s only the beginning.
An undisclosed business deal has turned Adam from competitor to Danni’s new boss. His hunger for her is absolute and he’ll make her fantasies seem tame as he takes her in ways she never imagined—whenever he wants, wherever he desires.
Seduced by Adam’s plan to mix exquisite control with adoration, Danni’s swept into a sensual adventure she can’t resist. Until corporate politics intrude and she learns what Adam’s been hiding to protect her…a secret he’s long feared will tear them apart.


Hot, angry tears pricked her eyes, and she only had herself to blame. A thirty-year-old executive should know better than to amuse herself in public. And for what? Her orgasm left her deprived and wanting more, which exacerbated everything else. Too many voices made the noise level excruciating, and despite the casino’s nonsmoking sections, most of the crowd puffed away, leaving an acrid, bluish haze.
Fingering tears from her eyes, Danni tried to ease around a group of middle-aged men who watched a braless young woman playing craps. The girl’s low-cut T-shirt showed off her boobs nicely, right down to the edges of her rosy nipples. One of the middle-aged guys moved to the left for a better view, which pushed him right into Danni. “’Scuse me,” he said, without glancing at her or moving away.
“Not a problem,” she said, shouldering past. She could be a guy magnet if she really wanted. Look at what she’d accomplished with Adam tonight.
New tears threatened. She squeezed her way through the crowd and finally reached the elevators. The scent of heavy floral perfume and men’s cologne lingered from past patrons, but no one waited. “Come on,” she urged, stabbing the “up” button three times. The elevator doors remained closed. Mewling, she moved aside and glanced at the mirrored wall next to the center elevator. Muffled laughter and a steady drone of voices drifted in from the casino. Danni shifted from foot to foot. The mirror continued to beckon as she worried about her faux pas and the lingering smears it might have left on her skirt. “Please, no,” she whispered and chanced a look.
Her woefully expensive black dress—sleeveless and snug on the top with a full, flirty skirt—passed muster. She released the silk. It hushed around her thighs. Her attention inched higher to her face. She prayed for a cool, dignified look and didn’t get it.
A pained expression saddened her features and her pale blonde hair was mussed in the back from when she’d slumped down in the chair during her masturbation-fest.
To her left, shoes slapped the polished stone floor, breaking the relative quiet. Danni finished smoothing her hair and turned away from her reflection.
The shoes stopped slapping. She lifted her face to the up and down glass arrows above the elevators. All remained unlit. Danni lowered her head and pretended to study the copper-colored flooring. In her peripheral vision, she caught a glimpse of navy dress pants and polished black loafers. Definitely a man, and thankfully no one from her company. The guys who’d joined her on this business trip didn’t dress GQ sharp.
The elevator to the far right dinged. Danni’s heels clacked delicately, the guy’s shoes tapped hard as they moved toward the parting doors. Inside, the elevator walls wore advertisements for the spa, restaurants and nightly entertainment. She went in first, pressed the button for the sixteenth floor, backed into the corner and glanced up.
Adam stood half in, half out of the elevator, his hand on the right door to keep it from closing.
A rush of surprise, unease and raw desire stole Danni’s breath. God help her, everything except desire passed quickly. He’d taken off his jacket and had it draped over the crook of his left arm. The tail of his tie snaked out of his pants pocket, the opened collar of his white shirt revealed smooth, bronzed skin. He’d even rolled his sleeves to mid-forearm. Short, dark hairs dusted his muscular flesh.
Blood pounded in her ears. She looked up. His eyes seemed bluer than she recalled, his lashes even longer. As always, his hair looked finger-combed, dark strands dangling over his forehead.
“Mind if I join you?” he asked.
The quiet rumble of his voice thrilled almost as much as an embrace. His question touched Danni even more. Empathy shone in his eyes at her previous humiliation. She reproached herself for putting him in such a lousy position. He’d been in the wrong place at the wrong time and behaved like any normal guy would. Certainly better than most.
“Not at all,” she said and paused to clear the catch in her voice. “Please do.”
He smiled.
It seemed harmless enough, meant to relax. Instead, it electrified. He continued to regard her as he entered the elevator, only breaking eye contact to thumb the button for fourteen, presumably his floor.
The elevator doors remained open.
A few minutes ago, Danni would have taken the opportunity to flee. Now, she couldn’t move, not even to hit the protruding “close door” button to stop anyone else from coming inside. She stared at the elevator’s control panel, acutely aware of the scant space separating her from Adam. Tall, powerfully built, and only an arm’s length away, he overwhelmed.
He gently cleared his throat. Her belly fluttered. The air-conditioning clicked on. Its hum mingled with the excited shouts drifting in from the gaming area. The doors started to close.
Danni peeked at him. He openly studied her, all male and assured. Heat surged to her face and throat, shame returned. “About what happened,” she blurted and just as quickly stopped, unable to continue.
Adam waited a moment then shook his head. Dark locks danced over his brow. His rich voice caressed. “No need to talk about it…unless you want to.”
She didn’t, but had no other choice. Unlike her poor mom, Danni couldn’t make herself believe something hadn’t happened when it obviously had. More importantly, she wanted to restore her and Adam’s easy camaraderie. From the beginning they clicked as if they’d known each other forever, just like two guys. Although it wasn’t the kind of attention she wanted from him, she couldn’t bear to lose what little they did share. “I don’t usually do stuff like that,” she said, then corrected herself quickly. “Actually, I’ve never done anything even close to that, until tonight.”
His expression remained receptive, nonjudgmental. “I figured as much.”
He figured as much? It hardly reassured her, though Danni had no idea what she wanted him to say. “I didn’t know you were there. Obviously.”
A smile tugged at the corners of his sensuous mouth. He worked it away. “I know. And I wasn’t until I came back inside after taking a call. I saw you and I—” He stopped as the elevator came to a halt on the second floor. The doors slid open on a deserted hallway decorated with a Queen Anne sideboard and lush plants. Whoever pressed the button must have caught another ride. He continued in a lowered voice. “I thought you were watching the show and I decided to come over.” He hesitated as if weighing his words. “I should have gone back to my seat. My fault, not yours.”
He’d seen everything, just as she suspected. Her throat constricted.
“It’s not a problem, Danni.” The doors closed. He pushed away from the wall and went to her. “All right? We’re good?”
Humiliation prickled her skin even as his proximity aroused. Unlike most guys who drenched themselves with designer cologne, Adam smelled clean and fresh, like spring air after the first thaw. She suppressed a shiver.
“Danni?” He sounded concerned.
“I’m really embarrassed,” she confessed.
He regarded her. “Don’t be. There’s no need.”
Because he considered her one of the boys? She tried not to sound disappointed or pissed. “Sure there is. I know I blindsided you back there, but I saw how surprised you were, and a few seconds ago you were trying really hard not to laugh, just like in the showroom.”
He frowned. “Now just a minute. No way would I ever laugh at you even if what you did warranted it. Which it didn’t. Nor was it the end of the world. It was damned exciting.”
A deepening heat registered in his eyes. “What?”
“You heard me.”
His throat bobbed with his words. A small scar on his right cheekbone intensified his masculinity. Her pussy ached.
“Are you dating one of the male models in the show?” he asked.
“What?” She almost laughed. “No.”
Something flickered across his handsome face. Surprise? Relief? Why would he care? Was he just trying to make conversation? “Why would you think I was dating one of those guys?”
“You had your face raised to the TV screen the entire time. I saw the look in your eyes.”
He made the moment sound beautiful and special, not what she feared. It stunned her to silence.
“You seemed to be thinking about one of them,” he said.
She shook her head.
“Then that leaves the man you’re involved with.”
Pride made her want to lie. His serious manner forced the truth. “I’m not involved with anyone.”
A moment passed as he searched her face. “Then who?” He took in her length.
The words escaped before she could stop them. “I was fantasizing about you.”
His face lifted. All at once, her admission seemed to linger and mock. She wanted to say she didn’t mean it. The words stuck in her throat.
“Me,” he said.
The elevator dinged and came to a stop on the seventh floor. His attention remained on her. The doors slid open. “About time,” a woman’s voice said. “Come on, Julian.”
Adam turned. “Take the next one,” he said in a polite yet firm command. The kind used by cops or fantasy lovers. Danni’s knees went weak. She glanced over.
The woman had already stopped short, one foot in the elevator, one out. “What?” she asked. Despite her Botox-smooth brow and firm jawline, her veined hands betrayed her age, probably mid-fifties. “Julian” wasn’t more than twenty-five. He and the woman could have been mistaken for mother and son except she was white, he was Asian. They wore expensive suits, acceptable attire for the five-star restaurant and lounge on the top floor.
“Hey, we can wait,” Julian said. He winked at Adam and grinned at Danni, showing his perfect teeth.
“What?” the woman asked again. Without explaining, Julian pulled her back.
The doors closed. Danni’s heart caught as Adam turned to her. The elevator bounced softly, continuing its upward journey. To hide her nervousness, she teased, “Do you often throw people off elevators?”
“They interrupted us.” He reached over and pressed the buttons so the elevator would stop on each floor, lengthening their ride. “Go on.”
She stared at the control panel, barely able to think. “What if someone wants on?”
His hand brushed hers. Her mouth tingled. “I’ll tell them no.”
As if commandeering an elevator made perfect sense.
“You were fantasizing about me,” he said.
He wanted details. What man wouldn’t? Being the source of a woman’s fantasy had to be flattering. It didn’t begin to express her foolish longing for him that he obviously didn’t share. Not once during all the events they’d attended had he asked her to dinner or made a pass. Nothing could come of this except more embarrassment for her. She had to protect herself. “And two other guys,” she added casually, lifting her gaze.
The elevator dinged, the doors slid open, no one waited. Adam’s attention remained on her throughout. Whatever he thought, he hid it well, though his eyes did narrow a bit. In disapproval?
“A foursome?” he asked as the doors closed.
It sounded weird to hear the word. Danni cleared her throat, sensing he did disapprove. Just as well. Because of her big mouth, she’d have to avoid him now. “Yeah.” She shrugged and told herself she didn’t care what he thought, or wouldn’t care once she forced herself to stop thinking about him. “It heightens the dominance and submission. You know, me surrounded by so many commanding, horny guys.”
If that put him off or surprised him, he didn’t show it. “The other two men—are they guys you know?”
She shook her head. “They’re just ones I made up.”
“Where do I fit into all of this?”
Her mouth trembled. Again, she wanted to lie, but couldn’t. “You’re the one I want.”
“Good.” He moved closer. “Tell me.” Another command in a huskier voice.
Danni’s heart jumped to her throat. It hadn’t been disapproval in his eyes. It was jealousy.
He wanted her. Maybe just at this moment and maybe because of what he’d seen in the showroom, but he wanted her. Months of longing surfaced. What remained of her prudence evaporated, and the words poured out. As the elevator made unnecessary stops, she painted the picture her mind had created of nudity, partial bondage, unbearable need, being a sensual creature displayed for his and the other men’s pleasure, which led to her own.
Adam listened intently and finally interrupted, “Wait a minute. I didn’t hear you. What did I do then?”
Her cheeks stung. She tried to speak louder. “To imprison me further, you push three fingers inside my, ah…my…”
The elevator reached another floor. The doors slid open. Again, no one waited.
“Cunt?” Adam asked.
It sounded dirty and exciting wrapped in his husky voice. “Yeah. With your fingers in me, I can’t move. Your thumb strokes my clit.”
The doors closed. He inhaled slowly, deeply.
Another rush of moisture escaped her sheath. “While you’re arousing me, one of the other men laces me into a cincher.”
Adam’s head dipped to her waist. She glanced at his groin. His erect cock strained against the lightweight wool. Her mouth went dry.
“Go on,” he said.
She pressed her palm against the wall for support. Her clammy skin stuck to the paneling.
“The cincher makes me feel even more naked. It accentuates my breasts and ass.”
Adam glanced up, his features tight with desire. “You like that?”
Oh yeah. She nodded.
“And then?” he asked.
She couldn’t tell him about his promise to shave her mound. Only years of intimacy or being seriously drunk would make her confess such a thing. “We, ah, move to a bed. Or we’re somehow on a bed. My hands aren’t tied any longer. The other men hold my wrists above my head. One of them kisses me, one fondles my breasts. You spread my legs and mount me.”
Adam inched closer. “You like the feel of me inside of you? Of three men using you?”
Her gaze stopped trailing down him. Using her? His words surprised and hurt. A part of her knew he didn’t mean them in a bad way but she wished he hadn’t said them at all. Meeting his eyes, she spoke in a measured voice. “I play the submissive, but I’m the one in control of my fantasies. And I don’t allow anyone to use me.”
“Okay,” he conceded, “bad choice in words. Pleasured. Aroused.”
He hesitated. “I don’t understand. You mean worshipped?”
“I mean noticed, Adam.” God, she was so angry suddenly and couldn’t stop. “Singled out. Chosen. Call it what you like. I prefer to think of it as being adored. I know it’s only for sex, but few drives are more selfish, and in my fantasy three men are focused solely on me. Not one of my friends, not another woman I never met before and might have liked if I hadn’t found her in bed with my boyfriend. Finally, I have all the attention. I don’t have to worry about being lied to or cheated on like I was with Bryan or Matt. I don’t have to—”
The elevator dinged, bringing Danni back to reality and cutting off her words. In one horrible moment, she realized Adam now knew of her worst humiliations with men. Shame tore through her. For the second time tonight, she wanted to flee.
The doors parted. She couldn’t exit fast enough. “Nice seeing you again.” She edged around him and spoke over her shoulder. “Have a safe trip back.” A fourth of the way into the hall she noticed the room numbers. She’d exited on his floor. Even the stairway was behind her and past him. Mortified, she turned. He stood just outside the elevator watching.
“Hold the doors,” she said as they started to close.
He didn’t stop them. “Danni,” he said when she reached him.
She breathed hard and punched the stupid button so the elevator would come back.
“Danni,” he said again, more softly this time.
With no place to run, she looked at him. His eyes searched hers as if he wanted to make certain she wouldn’t cry. She didn’t want pity so she feigned confusion. “What?”
“What else?” he murmured and moved into her gently, cupping her face in his large hands. His knees touched hers, their hips joined. Hard male flesh blocked any escape.
Her silver purse slipped through her fingers and fell against the carpeting with a faint slap.
“I didn’t mean to upset you,” he said.
She swallowed. “You didn’t. I’ll wait for the next ride.”
“I’m not talking about that.” His clean breath whispered against her. “I didn’t mean to run you away a few minutes ago or in the showroom. I followed you to the elevator because I had to be with you. The look I saw on your face during the show was one I’ve wanted to put there for so damn long. But if that’s not what you really want, tell me to stop and I will.” His voice, hungry and thick, betrayed his struggle for control.
Stunned, Danni ached to go with the moment, to indulge herself, just as she had in her fantasies or those early days with Bryan and Matt. Without warning, painful memories jolted her, and the words spilled out. “You’re not involved with anyone, are you, Adam? I won’t help a guy cheat and hurt another woman. I know what it’s like to be betrayed, and it will never happen to me again.”
“Oh, Danni.” He sighed and brought back his hands.
Her stomach sank so fast it made her queasy. She moved away.
Adam pulled her right back, slipping his hand beneath her hair to cradle the side of her neck. His thumb rubbed the edge of her scalp, sending a tremor down her spine. “No,” he said, his voice soft. “I’m not married, engaged, promised or even going steady and I’m glad you’re not either. To be honest, I haven’t had a date in months. I’ve been too busy with—” He paused and sighed again. “Work’s been taking every minute I have. When I do get a moment alone, I crash. Do you think I prowl hotel showrooms so I can pounce on unsuspecting women?”
She leaned her head into his stroking, amazed it was happening, and spoke on a sigh. “Of course not. I thought one of the models invited you backstage.”
“You weren’t in your seat.”
His eyes widened in understanding. “Like I said before, I had to take a call.” Again, he paused and added, “About work. This thing that’s coming—”
“No.” She rested her fingertips on his lips, awed by their silkiness. “Don’t explain. Please. You don’t have to. I don’t want you to.” Good god, she didn’t want to be the kind of woman who policed a man. “Adam, I believe you.” Maybe she’d end up hating herself, she had in the past with other men, but she couldn’t deny herself this moment with him. “Can we just start over?” She lowered her hand and molded her length to him. He inhaled deeply. So did she, catching a whiff of his shirt. It smelled of sunshine, as if he’d dried it in a warm breeze. Beneath it, she detected the faintest scent of male musk and trembled involuntarily. “I don’t want you to stop.”
His lips brushed her throat, making her moan. “Believe me, I won’t. You’re not getting away from me for the rest of the night.” He eased back so he could see her face. “Agreed?”
Her heart raced at his touch and what lay ahead. “Agreed.”
“Good.” His smile faded. “Now about your fantasy.”
She hadn’t expected him to mention it and wasn’t certain whether to be embarrassed or intrigued. “You want to act out your part?”
“I want a woman who’s with me all the way, not one who’s letting me do all the work while she’s daydreaming about other guys. Fuck that. I damn well don’t share what’s mine.”
His territorial manner excited her, the same as his commanding tone. Still, she wasn’t averse to yanking his chain a bit more to see what might happen. “What man does?”
“I’m different, Danni.” He pulled her close, his arm tightening around her waist, his strength barely contained. Angling his mouth over hers, his kiss went straight to possession. She could barely whimper as his tongue filled her mouth. No fantasy ever matched this. He held her so tightly they had to take turns breathing. His tongue probed hers and swept over her teeth. He tasted of peppermint and the faintest hint of champagne offered at the show. His hot, bristly cheeks rasped her skin. A gentle punishment. Visions of cinchers and leather bindings and uncivilized male lust rose unbidden, in defiance of what he’d said. Danni entertained them all, because he starred in each to the exclusion of any other man.
Emboldened by the moment, she pushed his tongue aside, thrusting her own into his mouth. His chest vibrated with his low growl. He tried to get closer, and so did she. Her arms wreathed around his neck, she released her weight into him, and his rigid cock pressed against her belly. He held the back of her head in his hand. His kiss grew savage, brutal. He sucked hard, wanting her to go deeper. She filled him as much as she could. It wasn’t enough. She craved more. Minutes slipped by. They kissed like a couple reunited after a lengthy war, or celibates who’d been lied to about sex and discovered its beauty for the first time.
At last, Adam tore his mouth away and heaved in a huge breath as if he couldn’t do without it any longer. Just as Danni cupped his face and pulled his head back down, she heard faint voices behind her.
Adam looked past and spoke in a lowered voice. “Time to go to my suite, unless you get excited when others watch.” His hand covered her breast. The voices grew closer.
“Maybe later. You have a suite?”
His eyes sparkled mischievously. “I have all kinds of things.” He pulled his hand away seconds before anyone could see. She thumbed her lipstick from the side of his mouth and ran her fingers over his bottom lip.
Smiling, he captured her wrist, dipped his head and sniffed her musk-tipped fingers. He growled again, soft and primal. “You smell good enough to eat.”
Laughter bubbled inside her. Desire softened her voice. “I’m going to hold you to that.”
The others reached the elevator. Danni kept her back to them as Adam grabbed her purse from the floor, shoved it under his arm, laced his fingers through hers and led her down the hall to his suite.
There would be no getting away from him now. She was his, all his, for the night.

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