Force of Nature

Publisher:  Kensington Publications.
ISBN-13: 9780821769867
ISBN: 0821769863
Contemporary Romantic Comedy

Reader Comments

I loved FORCE OF NATURE! The part where Jack meets the skunk was sooooo funny! I laugh whenever I think about it.
I don’t usually read romantic comedies because the stories are not usually funny. FORCE OF NATURE is the exception. It was funny AND romantic. You can’t get better than that. When is your next story coming out?
What a great idea for a story! I don’t think I’ve ever read anything like this and I read a lot of romances. Your book FORCE OF NATURE is really different and good.
When I was reading FORCE OF NATURE I kept laughing out loud. What a fun story with nice characters. Thanks.
Tina, thanks for writing FORCE OF NATURE. It really made me laugh and I thought the ending was cute and romantic.
I liked your book FORCE OF NATURE so much I brought it to work with me so I could finish it during my lunch break. The parts where Jack was trying to learn how to survive in a forest were the best.
What are the other books you’ve written? I want to get them because I really liked FORCE OF NATURE. Jack and Danni are so right for each other. And I thought it was cool that the woman was the one who knew everything and had to teach the guy a thing or two. Just great! Thanks.

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