Illicit Intent

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419942891
June 7, 2013
Contemporary Menage
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Book Three - Appointment with Pleasure series
What’s your wildest erotic wish?
For Piper, that’s easy. Two Alpha males who ravish her like marauding pirates and find her curves beyond luscious. She knows her type isn’t for every man…certainly not Guy and Joel, right? Guy’s tall, dark and sinfully virile. Joel’s blond and bronzed. They’re freaking gods, escorts her friend hired so Piper’s thirtieth birthday is unforgettable with the bondage and submission she’s fantasized about. Carnal games that awaken Piper’s sensuality, while her voluptuous figure and sweet vulnerability fuels both men’s animal hunger.
One evening of decadent pleasure isn’t enough. Piper aches to perform ménage acts with them for agency clients who like curvy women. A wicked idea, except for her family’s ties with law enforcement, the threat of exposure. Is it worth the risk?
Hell yeah. By day, she’ll be good. During their wanton acts, the three of them will explore their growing bond as they’re very, very bad…
Chapter One Excerpt
Copyright © 2013 Tina Donahue
All rights reserved — an Ellora's Cave Publication

“No, no, no,” Elaine said, then offered a conspiratorial smile. “What is your wildest erotic fantasy?”
Oh. Piper did recall having that particular conversation with Elaine a few weeks back.
She’d been on her third Mojito then, during their girl’s afternoon out. The rum had loosened her tongue. Wistfully, she’d confessed, “Two guys.”
Elaine had just finished her ruby-red Cosmo and gestured to their waiter for another round. “Just two?” she’d murmured.
At the time, Piper thought more than one was being downright hedonistic even in a fantasy. She’d mused about being loved by several guys, then nodded. “Yeah, just two.”
Practical to a fault, she was concerned about quality, not quantity.
“Tell me,” Elaine had said, then grinned. “Every decadent detail.”
That afternoon, the scene had played in Piper’s mind like a triple X-rated film on late night cable. The men—her men—would be tall, towering over her, their shoulders outrageously broad. One would have dark hair and olive skin, his features just this side of dangerous. As though he was an operative from a foreign government. The other would be all golden and blond. He’d smell of sunshine and the outdoors.
“They’d both be alphas,” she’d breathed to Elaine that day. “They’d tell me to strip and I’d have to or they’d punish me.”
“Mmmm, I love a good spanking,” Elaine said. “Having a guy bend me over a table or his leg and then lifting my skirt bit by bit to uncover my ass. I’d be wearing a thong so he wouldn’t have to remove my panties to expose me.”
She moaned softly as if excited, then leaned closer to Piper and spoke more quietly. “However, he’d play with me before my punishment, you know? Like running his fingers beneath the thong’s waistband, then between my cheeks…”
On that note, Elaine’s words had drifted away, while her lids slid down as though she were on the verge of climax, her expression downright dreamy. When she spoke again, her voice was strangled with desire. “He’d be real gentle at first, but then he’d get all menacing and rough, squeezing my ass, testing how much of his macho shit I could take. I’d moan. He’d growl, warning me to keep quiet and not to move or I’d regret it. No way would I listen. I’d want to be full-on bad. While I was squirming and bitching at him, he’d bring his hand down hard on my butt, punishing me, proving he was the fucking man.”
Oh yeah. Piper had gotten wet just thinking of her fantasy lovers taking turns bending her over their knees. To hell with a table. She wanted to feel their hair-roughened thighs, smell the musk on their skin.
With one man and then the other, she’d grip their muscular calves while they exposed her ass and disciplined her, their palms coming down with just the right amount of force on her cheeks. The punishment telling her she would submit and be obedient in all ways. When her buttocks were good and heated, her skin stinging just a bit, they’d run their hands between her spanked cheeks, exploring her openings, and then they’d—
Wait. She had gotten ahead of herself. “When they ordered me to strip, well before the punishment, they’d be fully dressed so that I’d feel even more naked.”
A wave of warmth had run through her at the prospect. As Piper described the scene to Elaine, its images unfolded in her mind.
She unbuttoned the top of her gown first, as instructed by her captors. They were that—ruthless pirates who’d taken possession of the ship she was on, attacking and imprisoning the crew. Those men’s angry shouts and pained moans rose from the vessel’s hold to reach Piper in the captain’s cabin where her new masters had brought her. As the only female passenger, she was their prize. Theirs to do with as they willed, for as long as they wanted.
There was no one on board who would stop them. Surely not her betrothed, a slim man they’d also taken prisoner and who could do nothing to help Piper. The pirates had tied him to a chair in the captain’s quarters so he could observe his future wife’s deflowering. The marauder’s tongues and cocks penetrating each of her openings, their lips and hands exploring every intimate part of her.
Her fiancé, a practical banker, was more intense than she’d ever seen him. His pasty face actually had color. There was a spark of sin in his eyes, perhaps at the thought that he would treat her as the pirates had once she was in his bed.
Before that would ever happen, she had to get through this night.
Gentle waves slapped the vessel, and a mild wind rippled the sails in contradiction to what would soon happen within this room…shameless, depraved acts. The scent of the pirates’ lust permeated the briny air.
Helpless before them, Piper’s fingers trembled as she eased her garment down, baring her shoulders, revealing her chemise and corset. The girdle was so tight she could scarcely breathe. It narrowed her waist and caused her breasts to spill over the lacy edge. Her nipples were tight and hard with expectation, the coolish air licking them.
The blond pirate grinned, almost a smirk. The dark one’s expression smoldered.
However, both of them held back, obviously trying to control themselves. Their shoulders tensed, their fingers fisted.
“They’d want to mount me for the obvious reasons,” she’d continued to Elaine, “but it would be more than that.” Piper lowered her pitch to a whisper tinged with hope. “My pleasure would be important to them. That’s the only way they could prove their power, their masculinity, by how much they were able to thrill me. Not once would their attention stray from my nudity. They’d crave and worship it.”
Piper had seen it all in her mind.
Ordered to keep her hands at her sides, she watched both men circle her slowly, drinking her in, their thoughts unknown to her and surely decadent.
At length, the dark one removed the leather cord that secured his shoulder-length hair. The ends swung forward, brushing his beard-shadowed jaw, so male and virile. The same as his resonant voice.
“Hold her wrists,” he ordered his companion.
The blond one pulled Piper’s arms behind her back, which forced her to stand straighter, further displaying her breasts. Her nipples ached and her skin burned with need at the dark one’s touch. He moistened the tip of his forefinger and gently, teasingly ran it over her areolas, watching them constrict even more.
Currents of pleasure rolled through Piper, tingling her scalp, weakening her knees. Helplessly, she sighed.
He leaned into her and whispered, “Like that, do you?”
Oh god, yeah.
Her betrothed made an animal sound she’d never heard from him before. The dark haired pirate growled, “Quiet, unless you want your head bashed in.”
“Or you want to forfeit your turn with her,” the blond one added.
The dark one chuckled. “While we watch.”
Piper whimpered at his threat…or was it a promise?
He handed the cord to his companion who used it to secure her wrists. Finished, he kissed the side of her neck. His bristly cheek rasped Piper’s skin. His achingly soft lips and heated breath offered wicked comfort. On her pleased moan, the dark-haired pirate grabbed her gown, ripping it away as if it was no more than a sheet of paper. With his blade, he cut through the laces of her corset and chemise.
Piper gasped in surprise.
The items fell away from her body.
A rush of heat shot from her chest to her face.
Neither pirate seemed to notice her reaction. The dark one regarded her partial nudity—breasts, mound and thighs bared—his intense expression saying he approved. That he would soon be well acquainted with every inch of her flesh.
He cupped her breasts and held their weight in his palms, his thumbs flicking the tips of her nipples.
“His hands would be so damn large,” she’d murmured to Elaine. “God, simply enormous. One of them would easily cover my belly. He’d slide his fingers down to my pussy and explore my slit while the other stood to the side and watched. Waiting his turn, along with my betrothed.”
She’d described the dark-haired pirate’s first stroke on her clit. How his fingers had possessed her with a right she hadn’t given him, but which she couldn’t resist. Next, she had spoken of the blond pressing close, making certain she felt his erection through the many folds of her skirt that barely hung on her, his strength and ruthless need dominating Piper as the dark one manipulated her clit, knowing she’d endure. What other choice had they given her?
“Then what?” Elaine had pressed.
A whimper had poured from Piper at the scenario. “When I was good and wet, the blond would sink to his knees, his hands pressed against the insides of my naked thighs, pushing them farther apart to expose me even more to his sight, his touch. The dark one would hold me from behind this time, one arm tight around my waist, his free hand running over my breasts, using me, trapping me so I couldn’t move.”
Because she couldn’t, Piper had pictured the blond rubbing his face against her bush, smelling those springy curls, then smiling at her scent and her deep blush…the color of a virgin, for she was that. Though not for long.
She had imagined him licking her slit, tonguing her nub, then the dark one telling his shipmate not to let her come until the sun had risen. Hours and hours away.
“Throughout the night they’d work me with their hands and mouths, bringing me close to climax, then backing off to make me beg them for release.”
“Bastards,” Elaine said.
“Exactly, but all for my own good. Eventually, they’d let me come. While I was still gasping from climax, the dark one would slip his thick, hard cock into my mouth. The blond would plow his rigid rod into my cunt. They’d both be so blessed, so damn long and meaty, it would be an effort for me to contain them, but I would. They’d give me no other option.”
“Because they’d threaten to punish you,” Elaine coaxed. “Even if they cowed you into submission, they should still discipline you. Hell, they’re pirates.”
Damn right. And after it was all over, while her betrothed was waiting his turn to mount her, her new masters wouldn’t allow it. She was now theirs alone. They’d cling to her as Piper did to them, because they genuinely liked her as a person. They thought she was beautiful. They made her feel like a babe, not only desired but also cherished. With that being the ultimate fantasy.
Which wasn’t about to happen on this or any of her other birthdays.
Pulled back into brutal reality and Elaine’s bold driving, Piper checked the surrounding traffic, then sighed. “My X-rated daydreams have nothing on your love life. I’m sure you’ll have lots to tell me after you hook up tonight.”
Elaine zipped around more vehicles and sniffed. “I’m not going to hook up.”
“It’s okay.” Piper patted Elaine’s hand. “I don’t want you to babysit me.”
“I’m not going to be doing that either. Here we are.”
The building she pulled up to was an all glass high rise, its sharp angles as sleek and futuristic as her car. An upscale flower shop, women’s clothing boutique and trendy restaurant occupied the street-level floor.
“We’re going to eat first?” Piper asked.
“I’m not. This is your night.”
Piper frowned. “What’s that mean?”
Elaine was going to be ultra dainty and merely watch Piper chow down as if there was no tomorrow?
Out of nowhere, a uniformed young man appeared and opened Elaine’s door. With the grace of a ballerina, she slipped out and bent at the waist to speak to Piper, “Come on.”
Despite the attendant having taken a prolonged look at Elaine’s perfect ass, he was now at Piper’s door. He offered his hand to help her out and took it right back when the task was complete.
Piper pulled her hair away from her neck where the sticky summer breeze had blown it and held down the skirt of her cranberry-colored sundress. She looked up at the building. Despite the workday being over, many of its windows glowed with fluorescent light, except for the top floor. Was there a cocktail lounge up there?
Down here, the scent of grilled onions and steaks from the restaurant wafted by, along with exhaust from the heavy traffic.
Elaine laced her fingers through Piper’s. “Come on.”
“To where?”
“You’ll see.”
She hurried them inside the building’s entrance and lobby. Icy air-conditioning poured down. The guard at the circular desk looked as if he might be a retired cop, his crew cut, gut and don’t-mess-with-me expression giving him away.
When he spotted Elaine, he smiled suddenly and indulgently, as though she were his beloved granddaughter, not an unwanted visitor in his building. “Evening, Ms. Quinlan.”
Elaine and Piper’s heels clicked on the marble floor.
Piper glanced behind them and stated the obvious, “The elevators are back there. Where are we going?”
“Here.” She stopped at a set of gold metal doors out of public view and slipped a key card into a slot. The doors parted to reveal a glass elevator. Elaine pressed the top button inscribed with the letter P, not B for bar or L for lounge.
As the elevator approached the top floor, Piper ogled the breathtaking view of the Capitol building and Washington Monument, both bathed in the bright radiance of spotlights. “What’s the name of the place where we’re going?”
Elaine snickered. “It doesn’t have a name.”
“It’s a private club?” Would that be any better than a singles bar?
“It’s my penthouse.”
“You have a penthouse in addition to your other places?” A pricey mansion in Georgetown and one in Maryland willed to Elaine by her paternal grandfather.
“I haven’t actually moved in permanently as yet. I recently got this place…as an investment.” She shrugged. “Who am I to argue with my financial advisors?”
The elevator came to a delicate halt—barely a bump—and the doors whooshed open. Not onto a hall, but a foyer.
The flooring was the same butter-colored stone as that in the building’s entrance. The walls appeared to be made of copper and had sheets of water rolling down them, which made faint gurgling sounds. A massive vase of black granite stood to the right boasting a wild arrangement of tropical plants in varying tints of crimson and orange with dark green leaves.
A series of overhead lights lit the way, each a perfect oval, their illumination so subdued, it bathed Piper and Elaine in its gentle glow.
“Down here,” Elaine said, leading Piper. Or trying to do so.
Piper held back, gaping at the opulence. “Why are we here?” For a tour? Now? Unless… “Did you forget something?”
Elaine had her purse with her, a little silver bag that matched her glittery sheath and spike heels. Maybe she’d forgotten her lipstick or condoms, stuff she would have probably stocked here even if she hadn’t moved in permanently as yet.
“It’s your birthday.” Elaine bumped Piper’s arm with her own and murmured, “I want you to have a good time.”
That didn’t get Piper to budge. “You’ve thrown me a surprise party?”
“In a manner of speaking.”
“What’s that mean—wait.”
Elaine didn’t. For a small woman she had a lot of strength, tugging on Piper’s hand, forcing her through the foyer that was easily the length of a football field. At its end, there was an intersection.
To the right was what appeared to be a living room with several dark-gold leather sofas and chairs that faced a massive fireplace of polished marble in mottled cream and brown. The penthouse walls were actually windows angled inward at the top, which offered a sweeping view of the District. Countless lights blazed in the surrounding dark.
Elaine went to the left. Unable to help herself, Piper stopped again.
Ahead was a glassed-off terrace stuffed with vegetation…feathery ferns, huge banana plants, small shrubs, endless flowers, petals of all sizes bobbing in the slight breeze from the ceiling fans. Music pumped from inside. Kelly Clarkson’s Miss Independent, the beat subdued by the glass partition, the atmosphere within the area downright romantic. Candlelight offered the only interior illumination. The terrace’s outside walls, also made of glass, reflected the candle’s gentle glow with those bobbing flames softening the shadows and revealing what else lay ahead.
To one side was a serving table with silver warming trays and bottles of what seemed to be wine and hard liquor. A few steps from it was a pale green circular sofa with several long-stemmed roses laid across the cushions, those petals as red as the countless candles.
Two men stood on either side of the sofa, both of them deliciously tall and broad-shouldered. Each dressed in black shirts and slacks, tailored to fit their bodies perfectly. One had longish dark hair. One was blond.
Piper forgot to breathe. She blinked as the center section of the glass wall facing them turned on its own, allowing entrance into the terrace. To the two men. The feast. That freaking sofa.
The music was louder now, pouring out as Kelly reached the melodic chorus where she said goodbye to her old self.
Elaine pushed to her toes and whispered in Piper’s ear, “Happy birthday, sweetie. Tonight, those hunks you’ve dreamed about are no longer a fantasy or a wish. They’re yours.”

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