Just One Kiss

Publisher:  Kensington Publications
ISBN-13: 9780821765418 - ISBN-10: 0821765418
Historical Romance
Available Now (Technically out of print, but copies can be found here and there -- see below)
Promised by her father to a nobleman's son, Catalina Fernandez de Velasco knew her carefree days were almost over. So when she happened upon a handsome horseman during a ride alone through the woods, she didn't think it so wrong to give in to a passionate kiss from a man of her choosing. She never imagined the mysterious stranger would turn out to be her betrothed.
Don Diego was shocked to learn that the beauty from the woods was his wife-to-be -- and outraged that she thought nothing of kissing a stranger. If their marriage was to work, she would have to end her reckless ways. But getting his spirited bride to yield meant winning her heart. An impossible task, unless he could make Catalina an equal -- in love, in passion and for always.

Reader Comments

I really enjoyed reading your novel JUST ONE KISS. The heroine, Catalina, really made a big impression on me. I was greatly impressed with how smoothly your story flowed.
- Stacy
Thanks so much for your book JUST ONE KISS. It is unlike any historical novel I read. I’m asking my friends and neighbors to try your books and if they read one they will be hooked as I am.
– Ruth
JUST ONE KISS wasn’t only romantic but it was also very witty at times. As an avid romance reader I don’t see that all too often. I’m looking forward to your next book. Please let me know when I can buy it.
– Lynette
I wish I could meet a guy like Diego. Yum. Really loved the story in JUST ONE KISS.
– Dorrie
I just started reading historical romances this year and I was basically bored and disappointed until I read your book JUST ONE KISS. For the first time the inside of the book was just as good as the picture on the cover!
– Suze
I bought your book JUST ONE KISS because it sounded different. I get really tired of all the historical romances taking place in England. I thought that one in Spain might be interesting. I was right! This was so good. Thanks!
– Beth
Even though your book JUST ONE KISS was almost 300 pages I finished it in one night. I couldn’t wait to see how the story ended. The last couple of pages were the very best! I’m still smiling!
– Peggy

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