Lady Love

Publisher: Kensington Publications
ISBN-10: 0821763636
ISBN-13: 978-0821763636
Contemporary Romance
For Holly Shaw, poetry is a passion, but it's a new job as caregiver to an Oregon rancher that pays the bills. Yet she has no idea how stimulating the rugged mountain scenery can be -- especially when it's the rancher's grandson. With his scandalously broad shoulders, faded low-riding jeans, and a sexy shadow of stubble, nature proves to be a magnificent thing indeed.
Luke Kilbride is just looking for a helping hand... until this winsome stranger from the city brings something more to the position -- like a gentle touch, a winning way with words, and a desire to teach him the language of love. All Luke has to do is be willing to learn, and together they can turn an unexpected ode to romance into a beautiful dream come true.
Your book LADY LOVE was wonderful. I laughed and cried. I’ve never read a book that could do that. The book touched my very soul.
– Kathy
I just read your book LADY LOVE and it was the best and funniest book I’ve had the pleasure to read in a long time. It takes a lot to make me laugh out loud . My daughter kept coming into the living room to see what I was laughing so hard at. Thanks again for a wonderful book.
– Ruth
I really enjoyed your book LADY LOVE. The ending was great! It really made me feel something for the characters.
– Gina
I absolutely loved your book LADY LOVE. It was thrilling and compelling. I could NOT put it down. It made me laugh, made me cry, and even made me mad. I’m a major book reader and read all sorts of books. And your book LADY LOVE is one of my favorites.
– Stacey
Thank you for writing LADY LOVE – you made me laugh out loud at least 5 times. It is really rare for me to laugh out loud. Keep up the good work.
– Carol
I just finished reading your story LADY LOVE. I loved it. I laughed and cried through the whole story. I’ve been reading romances for about 18 years and have written to one other author. Thank you for a really good story and I’ll look for more of your stories.
– Marian
LADY LOVE was sweet, funny and romantic! What more can a reader (or woman) want? Great job!
– Jill

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