My Man

Publisher:  Kensington Publications
ISBN-13: 9780821771563
ISBN: 0821771566
Contemporary Romance.

Reader comments

I just finished reading your book, MY MAN. When a book makes me laugh and is a romantic, sensual, emotional love story, written about a rugged rancher wearing a Stetson and a pair of wranglers, well, that’s some good reading. This book is really good. You can make a book come alive.
– Alberta
I bought your book today – MY MAN. I really liked this book and it was so funny that I laughed until I cried at certain parts in this book.
– Barbara
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book – MY MAN. I started reading it and really was happily surprised to find a romance book with some humor and a plot that actually sped along from chapter to chapter. Thanks for a very entertaining book.
– Gerald
I just finished reading your book – MY MAN – and I really enjoyed it. I was just a combat, western and sci fi type of person until I ran out of stuff to read and I picked up one of my wife’s romance books and started reading. Your book grabbed me from the start because Alice Tanner was behind the eight ball from the start and at first it looked like she wasn’t going to do too good. My hat is off to you for such an excellent book. I will have my wife keep an eye out for more books by you.
– Vance
Okay, here’s the deal. You keep writing books like MY MAN and I’ll keep buying them. This was really good!
– Nancy
The last time I read a book as good as your story MY MAN was about 4 years ago – and believe me, I buy lots of books. Please keep writing these kinds of romantic stories where there’s lots of fun between the guy and the girl. I think other women enjoy it as much as me.
– Laura
From the first page of your book MY MAN to the last I was really hooked on the story and the characters. Just wanted you to know that you got another fan today with this book!
– Char

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