Once in a Blue Moon

Publisher: Kensington Publications
ISBN-13: 9780821763957
ISBN-10: 0821763954
Released:  January 1999
Contemporary Romance.

Reader Comments

I just thought I would write you to compliment you on ONCE IN A BLUE MOON. It was a great book. Cool ending. Keep up the good work.
– Sarah
I loved ONCE IN A BLUE MOON. I’m even going to read your historical although I usually find them boring. However, with your wit and humor – I’ll probably like it too.
– Ruth
I have just finished reading ONCE IN A BLUE MOON and I just had to write and tell you how thoroughly delightful I thought it was! It is the best romance novel I have read in a long time. It was a perfect blend of humor and romance. I actually laughed aloud at some parts. It’s been a couple of hours since I finished it and I’m still chuckling. I’ll be looking forward to more of your work! Thanks for a great book!
– Margaret
I buy lots of romances (my husband says too many), but with your story ONCE IN A BLUE MOON I really got my money’s worth! This would make a great movie because it’s so funny and romantic.
– Donna
Even though I wasn’t so sure about the title (ONCE IN A BLUE MOON) I was really hooked on the story. It made me laugh and cry. Wow. Thanks.
– Karen
When’s your next book coming out? I’ve got to get it because I really, really, REALLY liked ONCE IN A BLUE MOON. Where do you get your ideas?
– Patty
I’m a college student and when I was reading your book ONCE IN A BLUE MOON my roommate kept asking why I was laughing so hard. When I finished your story I gave it to her and she couldn’t stop laughing either. Great story. Good characters.
– LaWeeda

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