Take A Chance

Publisher:  Kensington Zebra
ISBN-10: 0821769790
ISBN-13: 978-0821769799
Contemporary romance.
Price Sloan will do anything for his billionaire boss, even romance – then dump – the guy’s daughter.  If all goes according to plan, the jilted heiress will then flee Las Vegas to get away from him, and head back to medical school, right where her doting dad wants her to be.  But Price soon wonders where the ravishing Darcy Darnell really belongs.  Could it be...in his arms?
Cocktail waitressing at her father’s casino is a perfect distraction for Darcy, who’s fed up with studying and with men.  But just when she’s given up on finding true love, Mr. Right pops up unexpectedly and sweeps her off her feet.  Darcy’s known her share of love ‘em and leave ‘em types and her instincts tell her Price is different...or is he?


“Take a chance is a hilariously sexy romp...Readers familiar with Ms. Donahue’s deft comic touch will be delighted with her newest romantic comedy...If you enjoy spicy romance and screw ball comedy, get a copy of  TAKE A CHANCE. I give it my highest recommendation.  Five Stars.”
– Carrie S. Masek.  Word Museum Star Reviews.
“Take A Chance is a very erotic book.  You can feel the sexual tension between Price and Darcy rise whenever they are together.  If you enjoy a book where the pages steam as you read, then do not miss Tina Donahue’s Take  a Chance.”
– Shari Brennan. Sime-Gen.
“This is a quick, fun read.  Donahue creates two likeable people and it is enjoyable watching them find each other.  Recommended.”
-- Linda Hurst, Under the Covers.


Billy Darnell, billionaire owner of the newest super casino in Las Vegas, pulled himself up to his full five feet and said, “Mornin’, Price.  Close the door. Hope your flight was good.  I need you to break my baby’s heart.”
Price Sloane choked on his coffee and coughed.
During this, Billy casually slipped on a pair of Tony Lama boots that gave him the three extra inches nature had been too stingy to provide.
Price wondered if the extra height would make the man even more delirious.  After another cough, he said, “I must have missed something here.”
“Nope,” Billy said.  The way he listed on his high heel boots, his legs might as well have been trapped in casts.  “My little girl’s been giving me no end of trouble.  When she starts to fall for you, turn her down quick, break her heart,  just get it over with.  I’ve been through this before.  I know what I’m doing.”
Uh-huh.  Price needed a little more information.  Like what exactly was that trouble Billy’s baby was causing?  Why in the world should it involve her heart?  And where had she been all this time?  Price didn’t even know Billy had a daughter.  Where was her picture?  He looked around the penthouse suite.  Far as he could see there was a lot of black-and-white leather furniture, mostly chairs, but not one photo of the baby in sight.  Why?
Unless.  His gaze stumbled back to Billy.  There was just no getting around it.  Billy Darnell was mud-ugly.  His upper lip sported a handlebar mustache that needed a Wide Load sign.  His face had more craters in it than a Los Angeles street after a heavy rain.  His most attractive feature was his reddish hair – but there was more of that growing out of his ears and nostrils than on top of his head.  So did his little girl, his baby, have ear hair, too?
Although that particular flaw had never stopped Billy.  By appearance alone no one would have never guessed him to be as powerful as he was.  Once, the guy had single-handedly dominated the discount end of the women’s wear industry, coming up with clothes that appealed to teenagers with no taste, and which lasted as long as their current love affairs.
With those profits, Billy had bought up just about every discount motel chain in the nation.  If you wanted a lumpy bed, you had to go to Billy.
After which he got into gaming, finally building the Wish, the biggest, flashiest casino ever, which he had cloned on several Bahamian islands.  Which was where Price usually resided, filling his balmy days with running one of the resorts, catching card counters, and inventing new bets on games.  Not deliberately breaking hearts.
“You have a daughter?” Price finally asked.
Billy sighed.  “I know you’re surprised.  Everyone is.  It’s not that I’ve actually lied  It’s just that I never advertise the fact.”
Price pressed his fingers to his forehead.  Okay, so the girl probably had ear hair, and maybe a slightly large nose.  Could be she was even balding like Billy.  Was that the reason he wanted a man to deliberatly break her heart?  So she’d finally focus on her looks and become shallow like everyone else?  If that were the case, why not cut to the chase and just suggest electrolysis, a wig and a little plastic surgery?  That’s what it was for.  If everyone in Hollywood did it, why couldnt’ she?
Besides, this request just didn’t seem like Billy.  The guy had never been deliberately cruel.  In fact, he was the closest Price had ever come to having a dad.
In a world filled with one older sister and billions of strangers that was high praise indeed.  Price also knew Billy usually couched his demands in the bluntest of terms.  I need you to break my baby’s heart was a prime example.
“Why not just ask her to see a doctor?”
Billy shook his head as he lurched around his suite.  “She’s already been to more shrinks than I care to count.  Had to sell one of my motels to foot that particular bill.  Useless eggheads, if you ask me.”
“They couldn’t convince her to see a doctor, either?”
“No, they...huh?”
Price joined Billy at the window.  It stretched across one wall.  To the left, the Luxor seemed to shimmer in today’s triple digit heat.  Up here, the top of Billy’s balding head came to just about the middle of Price’s chest.
“What’d you say?” Billy asked.
“Why do you need your baby’s heart broken?”
“Ah, hell, Price.”  The man’s stubby fingers splayed against that windowed wall as if he were trying to keep it up.  “Darcy’s too kind-hearted for her own good!  Guys just hurt her all the time!” 
Sounded like she needed assertiveness training, too.  “So why do you need me to add to that problem?”
"She’s not going back to medical shcool.”  He pushed himself away from the window.  “I didn’t send her to Harvard so she could work here as a cocktail waitress, no less.”
Price tried to picture a female version of Billy in one of the casino’s brief black-and-white tuxedo costumes. “I don’t get the connection.”
“Cause I’m her dad, I got this sacred duty to hire her.  But that don’t mean she’ll be at the top of the payroll.”
Price smiled. “Yeah, I know.  What I meant is, why isn’t she going back to med school?”
“Fell in lust with her professor. ‘Course, she’ll claim it was love even though the bum dumped her for a guy.”
Maybe she should also think about using a dating service for confirmed heterosexuals, Price thought.
“Anyways,” Billy said as he Frankenstein-walked to his desk, “She won’t go back to school ‘cause of that.  This is the third place she’s bolted from.  She’s twenty-five, Price.  Pretty soon she’ll be too damned old to get back into any medical school.  Even a cruddy one in Guatemala.  Not that she cares.  Darcy’s only concern is that she can’t face this guy no more.  Too painful, she claims.  Course, that’s my head-in-the-clouds Darcy.  You break her heart—”
“And she’s never seen in the vicinity again.”
Billy’s ugly face lit up.  “Exactly.  That’s why she’s been taking my private jet for the last few years.  Already there’s fourteen states she won’t even fly over.”
Uh-huh. “But what makes you think I can get your girl outta town?  I mean, I’m not too bad-looking, but—”
“Billy’s bushy brows arched as his gaze rode down Price’s tall and lean bronzed body.  “When's the last time a Chippendale’s booking agent tried to kidnap you?”
“Never.”  He arched a brow.  “If you haven’t noticed, I’m too old to strip. For money, that it.”
“Old?” Billy bellowed.  “You nuts?  You’re only thirty-one.  Hell, if I could go back to fifty-five I’d promise to shrink another twelve inches.  Actually, whether you realize it or not, you look kinda like one of them guys on romance novel covers."
This was getting uncomfortable.

Reader Comments

I just finished reading your book TAKE A CHANCE. I loved the book. You’re a very wonderful writer. I was sorry that the book ended. I really enjoyed it. I’ll be looking forward to finding another book by you!
– Leona
Your book TAKE A CHANCE was sooooo funny AND sexy! How do you do that? Anyway, keep them coming, PLEASE.
– Trish
When I finished reading your book TAKE A CHANCE I gave it to my next door neighbor and told her she’d really like it. I was wrong – she LOVED it! Way to go, Tina.
– Noreen
I was given your story TAKE A CHANCE along with a lot of other romances for my birthday since my friends all know I like love stories. I have to tell you, I really loved your book. I thought the characters were really meant for each other and couldn’t wait to get to the end to see how everything came out though I was sorry the story ended because I really liked it. Thanks.
– Sheila
I hope your next book is ready to be sold because I just finished reading TAKE A CHANCE and can’t wait to see what you come up with next!
– Amy
Great job. TAKE A CHANCE moved fast and the characters were so likeable. I especially liked the strip poker scene – VERY sexy.
– Edie
With all the boring books out there today I was really surprised to find such a gem as TAKE A CHANCE. You made me smile from the first page and soon I was laughing out loud, then sighing because the romance was so good.
– Cathy

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