The Ride of Her Life

Publisher: Naughty Literarti
March 1, 2016
Erotic Contemporary Romance - Novella
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Includes these genres: BBW, BDSM, Contemporary, Fantasy, Lesbian Romance, M/F/M, M/M, New Adult, Paranormal, Regency, Sci-Fi, Shapeshifter, Speculative Fiction, Steampunk, and Stepbrother Romance.

Blurb for The Ride of Her Life:

He was only supposed to give her a simple ride…

Maddy’s so desperate for fun, she’s signed up for speed dating. Ew. The only thing worse than a cattle call for romance is if none of the men are interested in her.

She’s ready to ditch the event when Ben, her ride, shows up. Tall, dark, dangerously sexy, he’s an adjunct professor by day, driver by night, needing to haul in those extra bucks.

Maddy’s not complaining. Verbal foreplay and a traffic jam put the ride on ice, giving them a chance to heat things up. Soon, they’re ditching her original plan for a soft spring night of wicked romance where they’ll break all the rules and then some.


“I signed up for speed dating tonight.”

He stared. “Why?”

That was the nicest compliment a man had ever given her. “To meet guys. The ones I know from work, professional organizations, and have run into at bars are married, divorced, cheating, or gay. Some of them hit on several of those notes. I’m not being critical, but I don’t want to get lost in that other stuff.”

“I hear you. Does speed dating actually work?”

“Haven’t a clue. I wasn’t certain whether to pick the fit-and-active group, the one with those who have professional degrees, or the gang limited to those between twenty-five and thirty-six. In the online photos, a lot of them looked much older.”

“Which one did you choose?”

“Professionals who love Adele.”

“The singer?”

She laughed. “I’m kidding. I went with the professional degree holders. I figured if things didn’t pan out with any of those guys, I’d work my way down the list. After that, I didn’t have a plan.”

“Sure you want to ditch this event? Even if you miss part of what goes on, I should be able to get you there for some of the action.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m fine.” Better than she’d been in ages, enjoying this and him.
His smile said he wasn’t having a bad time either. He scanned the channels, stopping on Adele’s Hello. “This okay?”

Perfect. “Yeah, thanks.”


In more ways than he could imagine. “Why?”

“Your stomach keeps growling.”

She hadn’t had an appetite all day, dreading the fiasco tonight. “I could eat.”

“I don’t have much.” He pulled a huge M&Ms bag from the glove compartment. “You’re welcome to this.”

“Only if you join me. I’m a chocoholic. I’ve learned not to indulge alone.”

His dimples deepened. “I’ll protect you from yourself.”

They chomped happily, content in their comfortable silence, the world around them gone crazy. Sirens, shouts, blaring horns, police bellowing orders added to the cacophony. A treat slipped from her hand.

With surprising speed, Ben caught it. “Here you go.” He slipped the candy between her lips.
Her mouth went dry, blood thundering in her ears. Ignoring the M&M, she tongued his finger. Tasted better than the chocolate. His lashes were impossibly dark and long, his lime scent tinged with musk. The last time she’d looked, his bulge had been more pronounced than before. “Thanks.”

If he noticed how breathless she sounded, he didn’t say, thumbing her bottom lip instead. “You have some chocolate….”

Maddy moved into him, Ben did the same with her, their mouths molded together, his tongue slipping inside, filling, thrilling. This was the craziest thing she’d ever done in her staid life, and it felt so damn right. Eight months she’d gone without sex. Even more time had passed since a guy had simply hugged her.

She drove her fingers through Ben’s silky hair, keeping him close. His bristly cheeks scoured hers, the rasp virile as hell, his warmth delicious, his tempered strength even more potent given his obvious restraint.

For a computer science-math teacher, the man knew how to kiss. Must have had tons of practice. Possibly with students, faculty members, and groupies who congregated around guys like him.

Warning bells clanged. She tore her mouth free but didn’t retreat too far, resting her forehead against his. She was moderately cautious, not a saint. “I don’t normally do stuff like this.”

“I don’t mind.”

Clearly. “Please tell me you’re not married.”

He gulped air. “I’m not.”



She went down the list—engaged, committed, going steady, mildly interested in anyone. He answered in the negative to each. No reason to ask if he liked woman.

He lifted her face to his and captured her mouth once more.

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