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One Wrong Glance - Erotic Romance #EroticRomance #CitadelSeries

Please welcome Deanndra Hall. She's wrapping up her Citadel Series with One Wrong Glance.

The tagline certainly caught my eye: Parents are supposed to love their kids, not kill them. Right?

Whoa, sounds awesome!

Read on for details...



Title: One Wrong Glance
Series: The Citadel Series
Genre: Erotic Romance
Author: Deanndra Hall
Release Date: December 6, 2016
Parents are supposed to love their kids, not kill them. Right?

At least that's what Malcolm Collins thought, but when a string of racially-motivated hate crimes bears his father's signature quotes from over the years, what is he supposed to think? One clue after another pile up to threaten him and his Citadel bodyguard, Wendy Ryan, even as they struggle to forge a love relationship. Everything gets derailed over one crazy, kinky night, and they both think things couldn't get worse. Unfortunately, that's before one simple glance between them in the presence of his parents ignites a firestorm. It won't be easy to snuff out, and it may even cost someone their life.

Join Wendy, Malcolm, and the entire group of Walters friends and family in a steamy, kinky end to the Citadel series. One Wrong Glance is a heartbreaking tale that shows you how powerful simple words can be--power that's not always for the good.

Finish off Citadel and get ready for the Legacy series - grab this emotionally-charged read today!
Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. As long as that machine kept beeping, Nikki knew things would be okay. If it stopped, so would her world as she knew it. Once was enough to go through that; a second time was completely unnecessary for her happiness.
“Waking up yet?” a voice asked from the doorway, and Nikki reached up to place her hand on Vic’s as it came to rest on her shoulder.
“Not yet. And I wish he would. Every minute that his eyes are closed is another minute that I’m afraid I’m going to lose him.”
“Nah. He’s strong.”  Rounding the bed, Vic sat down in the other turquoise vinyl chair and leaned forward, elbows on knees. “He’ll come around in just a little bit.” A nurse hustled in and checked some of the machinery, then stepped back out. “You okay?”
Her golden curls bobbed as she shook her head. “No. I feel like I’m reliving one of the worst times of my life.”
“No. You’re not. He’s going to be fine." Vic’s voice was forceful but sweet, and Nikki knew what he was thinking. He didn’t want her going down a memory lane that would send her into a tailspin. She had to stay focused and positive for Tony’s sake. The medical personnel didn’t have to tell her that helping him stay optimistic was important; he’d heal better if he wasn’t stressed, upset, or depressed. As far as she was concerned, she was now his gatekeeper and it was her job to make sure things that would take him down were laid to waste.
“He will be. I’ll see to it.” She could feel that resolve building down deep in her chest. Her sweet husband stayed right by her side when she was so sick and she’d be right there for him.
“I’m glad Clayton and John Henry decided to kind of put the Ashland expansion on hold for a few months so they’ll be available to help out if you need them. And you know if you need me, I’ll be right . . .” A groggy voice interrupted Vic and he and Nikki both focused their attention on the man in the bed.
“Nik?” Tony’s voice was little more than a drugged-up whisper.
“Baby, I’m right here. It’s okay. You’re in CCU.” Nikki leaned closer to the side of the bed, then stood and bent down over him, dropping a soft kiss on his forehead. “How do you feel?”
“I don’t know,” he murmured back. “I . . . what happened? I don’t remember how I got here.”
“You had a heart attack. At the farm. They brought you to the hospital in an ambulance and you talked to Vic and me before they took you in for the angioplasty. Do you remember any of that?”
“Yeah. I do now.” There was this weird look on his face, almost like he was contemplating global warming or poverty in inner city Detroit. Finally, he came out with, “Can I have something to drink?” Before she could answer, he snapped out, “And when can I sit up?”
Nikki almost laughed. She could tell right that minute – she’d have her hands full with him.
dsc_0265International Bestselling Author Deanndra Hall lives in far western Kentucky with her husband of 30+ years and three crazy little dogs. She spent years writing advertising copy, marketing materials, educational texts, and business correspondence, and designing business forms and doing graphics design. After reading a very popular erotic romance book, her partner said, “You can write better than this!” She decided to try her hand at a novel. In the process, she fell in love with her funny, smart, loving, sexy characters and the things they got into, and the novel became the Love Under Construction series.

Deanndra enjoys all kinds of music, kayaking, working out at the local gym, reading, and spending time with friends and family. And chocolate’s always high on her list of favorite things!
Website  |  Facebook  |  Amazon Author Page  |  Twitter  |  Newsletter

Thanks so much for reading today's post. Hope you enjoyed it!

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The Virgin's Infiltrator - Black Hills Wolves #BlackHillsWolves #EroticParanormal #Shifters

Please welcome Dominique Eastwick. She has an awesome new Black Hills Wolves' tale The Virgin's Infiltrator.

What a cover and excerpt.

Please read on for details...


The Virgin's Infiltrator
Dominique Eastwick
Black Hills Wolves Book #56
Decadent Publishing
On Presale Now/ Available Nov 6th



The twins are back but will a mate come between them?

Sometimes one infiltrator isn’t enough. When a long lost Tao pack member is located in Europe, D and 7 accept the challenge to rescue the missing wolf. But sometimes, it takes crossing thousands of miles to find what your soul most desires.

Natalia remembers nothing of her life before being enslaved in a traveling circus. When tall, dark and mysterious strangers show up to help her escape, she feels a connection she’s never experienced before. Should she trust her heart to follow them, or will it land her in another case of captivity.

Danger may be in the blood of infiltrators, but what will D do when his soul mate is the one threatened? And how will two twins, who have shared everything, deal with a female who comes between them?


Natalia awoke alone and without a blanket to find D closing the gate.

“Sorry, they have just awoken above us. I didn’t think it would bode well for me to be there with you. At least not until we can get that blasted collar off you.”

Well-rested and colder than she had ever been after a night of warmth, she felt the chill more acutely. She also had a sense of loneliness accompanying his retreat. “Why do I desire to touch you when all other men make me want to hit them?”

“We don’t have enough time right now to go into a conversation you will have a ton of questions about, but I promise if we haven’t figured out how to get you to safety by this evening, as we sit here in this cage again, I will tell you anything you want to know.”

“And if we get out of here? What then?”

“I will sit in a safe, warm room and tell you anything you want to know.” He indicated the small brown bag beside her. “Eat quickly before they come. Don’t eat or drink anything they give you. I will return for you later.”

“Where will you be?”

“Within hearing distance.” He reached through the cage and cupped her cheek. “I will never be far, even if you can’t see me.”

“I can sense you, why?”

“Because, we are mates.” He put a finger to her lips. “No time.”

He shifted and gave her one last long glance before he left seconds before the cover was pulled off and sun flooded in. She wanted to asked what the hell he’d meant by mate? Needed to know why they seemed connected.

Award winning author Dominique Eastwick currently calls North Carolina home with her husband, two children, one crazy lab, and one lazy cat. Dominique spent much of her early life moving from state to state as a Navy Brat. Because of that traveling is one of her favorite pastimes. When she’s not writing, you can find Dominique with her second love…her camera.

Connect with Dominique:

Twitter : @DominiEastwick

 Infiltrating her Pack by @DominiEastwick  Z has found more they he expected in Ripley. @DecadentPub #Blackhillwolves

The Virgin’s Infiltrator by @DominiEastwick  D found his mate but will she accept him? @DecadentPub #Blackhillwolves

The Virgin’s Infiltrator by @DominiEastwick The Infiltrators are heading to Europe. @DecadentPub #Blackhillwolves

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Kiss Me at Last - Contemporary Romance and a Contest #ContemporaryRomance #GCGiveaway

Holly Cortelyou is here to tell us about her wonderful romance Kiss Me at Last. Love the cover!

She's also hosting a great contest.

Read on for details...


Holly will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

Kiss Me at Last
by Holly Cortelyou

GENRE: Contemporary Romance


KISS ME AT LAST (A Wescott Springs Novella) by Holly Cortelyou

What's better than wine, chocolate and a little renovation magic? A sweet and sexy matchup between a handsome, hammer-swinging contractor, Sean McMallory, and a flirty and stubborn champagne bar owner, Melinda York, who's in a remodel pickle! Kiss Me at Last brings you back to the charming mountain hamlet of Wescott Springs, Colorado in a heartwarming contemporary, small town romance that's sweet with a little kiss of heat!

One tempting kiss will rock his world…

Melinda York has every last penny tied up in her business remodel so the last thing she needs is a complication—like surly Sean McMallory. But when "McGrumpy" blows through her front door with a hammer and toolbox, she knows she’s doomed…her replacement contractor is none other than the jerk who humiliated her at the town council meeting. With Melinda buried in sawdust and the exasperating, but ever-so-sexy, Sean constantly underfoot, how is she supposed to maintain her professional poise when she can’t stop daydreaming about his broad shoulders and his unexpectedly kind heart?

Sean McMallory likes his life simple and straightforward, and his plate is full with a booming construction business and family responsibilities. When a cousin begs a favor, he’s plunged neck-deep into the whirlwind that is elegant, jet-setter Melinda York and her wine bar renovation. There’s just no trusting the flirty Melinda even if he can’t forget her kissable lips and surprisingly, vulnerable eyes. So he’ll stick with his beer and country roads, and she can keep her bottles of bubbly and fancy truffles!

Can one kiss build a bridge to love and heal their wounded hearts?


He stared at her with those penetrating emerald eyes and Melinda's voice petered to a stop. There was a small furrow between his eyebrows as if he was curiously studying a new breed of beetle or a peculiar specimen of noxious weed.

Melinda gurgled a nervous laugh. So much for unnerving him with a bout of pushy flirtation. She went for broke. "One of these days, we're going to convince you to sample our wares."

Sean's gaze whisked from her face to her chest and then down to her hips before returning to her eyes. Melinda flushed. That backfired.

"I'm a beer kind of guy. I'm here for the truffles." His voice was dismissive, but his eyes widened as if he noticed the disparity in his choice of words.

Melinda blinked and refused to smile, but she had gotten under his skin…at least a smidge. "You might be surprised. Many of our goods are most approachable to any type of customer. You only have to be open-minded to new things."

A flicker of a grin played at the corner of his lips, and a glimmer of triumph streaked through her veins. Ha! She'd scored a hit. But just as quickly, his expression darkened. He glanced at the ornate clock hanging on the wall.

"I'm running late," Sean said. "I'll stick with the usual."

"Of course," Melinda replied and was careful to keep her fingers from touching his as she took the debit card from his hand.

Without another word, Sean signed the receipt, picked up the white and gold bag with its expensive cache of rich, French chocolates, and exited out the door.

She glared at his retreating back and wished for the hundredth time that he would move to a new town. Melinda scrunched her nose in irritation.

Follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates can be found here:  

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Holly Cortelyou is a romance author who pens sweet and spicy small town, contemporary romances as well as supernatural and paranormal romances. On any given day, you’ll likely find her posting dog and cat pics on Facebook (HollyCortelyouAuthor) or goofing off on Twitter (@HollyCortelyou) and Pinterest! And of course, you can always visit her on the web at Holly has hazel eyes, a goofy sense of humor and…all the rest is subject to change without notice.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Ties of Smoke - Fantasy - and a Contest #Fantasy #GCGiveaway

If you like fantasy tales, as I do, check out Claudia Herring's Ties of Smoke. Sounds fascinating.

She's also hosting a great contest. Read on for details...


Claudia will be awarding a $15 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

Ties of Smoke
by Claudia Herring

GENRE: Fantasy



Lady Lavinia Bramley is master of a Djinni.

Lavinia runs away from her husband to make a life with the djinni Yasir, but it’s not what she thought, not pearls and flying carpets and wishes come true . . .

Her desperate efforts to find happiness with Yasir are foiled by her husband’s reappearance, murder attempts by the jealous magician who cursed Yasir to the urn, and Yasir’s desire for revenge.

Lavinia finds love, and loyalty, are as ephemeral as ties of smoke.

Exclusive Excerpt:

Chapter 6: page 2-3

With a hard twist she pinched the skin on her forearm and flinched from the pain. She stamped her velvet slipper on the shiny stone floor—solid beneath her feet. This was like waking from a dream, but instead of waking into a familiar place . . . She looked around. A decidedly different place, a place that—

She jumped at a crash, and looked down at a bulging bag dropped next to her.

“And where art thou headed, milady?” The young man burst out laughing. She looked up, eyes blazing. Who was this, to think he could talk to her without an introduction.

“Oh, sorry. Thought you were, you know, playing around. Are you going to a Renaissance festival somewhere?” He cocked his head, his hair tousled as though he had jumped out of bed without a thought to his toilet.

If she answered him, he might leave sooner. “Why no. I have just recently arrived,” she said.

He widened his eyes. “Man, you sure have the accent and mannerisms down. You’ll kill ‘em.” He rubbed his fist across his unshaven face, plopped into a chair a few down from her and plugged his ears with white wires. She frowned at the rips in his dark blue trousers, but he ignored her and leaned back, shutting his eyes.


She turned her head. In front of her stood the djinni, haloed by the glare of bright rectangles in the lofty ceiling. 

“Yasir.” She jumped to her feet. “You’re better.” She took his hand, an anchor in this foreign place. His magic surrounded her. She had forgotten how it took her so out of herself.

“I–you–you weren’t in the bed. I fell into the bed.” Lavinia gaped at her surroundings. She could see so much more when she was standing above the sea of chairs. Huge, this palace. Lighted letters flashed red, blue and orange. People on silver stairs glided up and down, but stood still on the steps, clutching the plain banister. So much of silver.

Yasir led her to a vacant area across from the boy, who gaped at them and pulled the wires from his ears. A shrill sound burst from behind her. Lavinia snapped her head around just as Yasir yanked her from the path of a stunted hackney coach on fat black wheels. Ugly and plain, not like the grand carriages at home. And driven inside a palace, through crowds of people.

“Where are the horses, Yasir?” She followed the conveyance with her eyes until the crowd closed behind it. He turned her face towards him.

Do not be distracted by this place. Why did you follow me, Lavinia? Ir-A was to keep you safe.”

Follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates can be found here:  

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Claudia Herring aspired to be a baton twirler when she was five and an archaeologist at thirteen. When she became a graphic designer and an author of fantasy, she decided she'd hit upon the perfect compromise.

Along the way she worked as a gift wrapper, a server in a Mexican restaurant at an amusement park (where she rode the Black Dragon at midnight—an actual ride, not a sexual allusion) and an illustrator in medical graphics (where they featured videos on wound healing during lunch) at the Texas Medical Center.

Her novel, His Master's Bride, a historical fantasy with romantic elements set in Regency England, won first prize in the Houston Writer's Guild Novel Competition. Ties of Smoke is the second in the series The Djinn Chronicles.

When she's not delving into the world of the Djinn, Claudia is practicing yoga to go to that hushed space where she imagines and plots her next fantasy novel.

If you like Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series or Carol Berg’s Soul Mirror series you'll love His Master’s Bride and Ties of Smoke.


Twitter: @claudiakherring
Amazon author: 

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Dark Erotic Romance - The Beast of Me #DarkEroticRomance #GuestAuthor

D.S. Wrights is here to tell us about her dark erotic romance The Beast of Me, Book 5

Looks amazing. Love the cover!

Read on for details...


The Beast of Me 
The Beast and Me, Book 5 
By: D. S. Wrights 
Dark Erotic Romance


Read the diary that was found in The Beast Is Me !

Having learned the perks of writing a diary, Jay writes about how he has to keep up his promise to White, while preparing the escape from the compound. 

Learn what lead to his decision the end of book three, and how he has to

handle the consequences.

Having miraculously survived the explosion, his diary is returned to Jay, in order to increase his healing process. Being bound to his bed and then his cell, Jay realizes that something at the fortress, where he and the survivors are held, is far beyond off.

Other Books In The Series
12661963_1552262795089386_8678748056087174611_nD. S. Wrights was born and raised mostly in Germany. She speaks three languages fluently: English, German and Dutch. Her name is a pen name and she describes writing as her passion and calling.

Two short stories were published during high school, one as a school project and one in a regional newsletter. Later she worked at a publishing house where she earned insight into the work, process and production of publishing books.

In the last few years she has published several fan fictions to which the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.
The Beast And Me is her first published novel.

D.S. hasn't always written stories like The Beast And Me and she is still writing stories from all kinds of genres that do not have horror aspects or are targeting adults only. Those stories are published with under a different name. So if you like her writing style but not really the genre, you might want to check out her other books, which soon will be published.

Her name actually is a play on words and language. D.S. is put together from the initials of her internet name and Wrights simply has the same sound as writes.

Before writing she prefers to bring herself in the right mood for the story, listening to specific songs, reading through what she has written before and especially talk about the story with friends and fans. So feel free to write to her.

Brought to you by:


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Is his brother alive? Excerpt from the #FreeBook Bro #scifi @kayelleallen

This post first appeared at my other site Sweet n Sexy Divas, written by resident Diva Kayelle Allen.

Enjoyed it so much, I had to share...


Enjoy an excerpt from the free book Bro, the Story Behind the Antonello Brothers. Dramatic, by turns touching and humorous, Bro takes you inside the Science Fiction world of the Tarthian Empire and introduces you to three of its major denizens: Senth and Khyff Antonello, and Luc Saint-Cyr. You'll find them in many stories in the Empire. Come and meet them in Bro. A link to get this book is at the end.

Excerpt from Bro

Tarthian Empire, Kelthia
Miraj City, Crooktown District
Sofftem 12, 4662 Tradestandard date
Khyff Antonello headed for his freedom. He'd satisfied his last client, and was unscheduled the rest of the day. Or at least the next six hours. As usual, Khyff's master hadn't allowed him to eat until he'd met his quota. First up: shower, clean clothes, food. Not necessarily in that order. He kept a few stale crackers hidden in his room for emergencies.
"So you're an Antonello."
The way the client said it drew Khyff's attention. This particular client was one of the less odious. He didn't grab or cling, he was clean (thank you!), and he tipped well. Still, the guy was paying for sex. Khyff had no choice. Being a pleasure slave meant you serviced the clients sent to you, or you suffered for it. In Khyff's case, refusing meant risking prison.
He would never go back there, no matter what they made him do here.
Khyff clenched his teeth and pasted on a smile. "Pardon?"
"Your last name." The guy continued getting dressed, seemingly in no hurry. "It's Antonello, right?"
"I never noticed before. It's right here on my receipt." He picked up his mobile and turned the screen toward Khyff. "I mean I've been here what... five times now?" He poked at the screen. "Whoa! Seven. Huh. I should have a free visit after three more."
Khyff choked back a retort. His master was giving away free visits with him? It would take hundreds of client visits to earn enough in his Freedom Savings Account so Khyff could buy himself. If his master was giving him away, it would take forever.
Khyff jerked open the door.
"You don't look like the other one."
One step into the hall, Khyff's heart stuttered. He made a slow pivot. "What?"
"The other Antonello. You look different."
The world went silent. Khyff came back inside. He shut the door, and leaned back against it. "So I'm sure I heard right. You know another Antonello."
"Yeah. I saw the name, and figured you had to be related. Antonello's not common. Not on Kelthia. I'm guessing you don't have much family here."
Good guess. More than three quarters of the world's population was black-skinned. Khyff had blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin.
Could this be a link to his mother? Did the client know her? Khyff fought the hope that rose within him. It had been how many years? No, he would not allow himself to hope. When you hoped, people could hurt you more.
"Is it a woman?" Khyff gestured toward the client. "This other Antonello."
"Guy. Younger than you. Maybe your age. Has a baby face. Hard to tell. But he's got curly hair. Dark." The guy pulled at his own graying hair, and then snapped his fingers. "No, never mind. He wouldn't be related to you. I just remembered. He's a HalfKin."
Half-human, half-feline humanoid Kin.
All the air left the room. Khyff fought to drag in a breath. "What's his name?"
"Seth, I think. No, Senth. Yeah, that's it. Senth Antonello."
The light grayed around the edges.
The guy took a step forward, concern on his face. "Hey, Khyff, you okay? You look a little pale."
Hearing the name Senth Antonello catapulted Khyff back into the past. To the point in his life when his world had unraveled, torn itself apart, and dumped him into hell. He hit the floor with a smack that stung his hands and knees, and he crumpled.
"Here, let me help you." The guy hustled across the room.
Khyff curled into a ball. His stomach roiled, and he clamped his jaws down tight, forcing back nausea with sheer force of will.
"Man, Khyff. I take it you know the guy. Stay right there. I'm going to get you some water." The client crossed the room to the small sink. A sound of splashing followed, and he returned with a glass. "Let me help you sit up a little. Lean on me. Here you go. Sip this."
Khyff was shaking so badly he could not fight off the man's touch. He let no one touch him. Not if he could prevent it. He could not bring the glass to his lips.
"Easy. Let me help you." The client held the glass for him. "There. Just a sip. Okay. One more. There. That's better." He squinted, peering into Khyff's eyes. "Geez, I'm sorry. I had no idea. Who is this guy? Are you related?"
Khyff took another deep breath. He met the client's gaze. "He's-- I think he's my brother. Half-brother."
"You sure? You don't look anything alike."
"How many HalfKin can there be with a name like Senth Antonello?" Khyff pushed himself back, away from the man. "Look, keep this to yourself, okay? I don't want my master knowing I have family. He'd use it against me somehow."
"Sure thing."
If there was one thing Khyff hated, it was being touched, even when the other person was gentle. But he owed this guy. Seven times he'd been here, and Khyff had no idea what his name was. Had never asked; just did the job. Amazing he even came back. And now he'd been kind. Had to give him that.
Khyff smiled. "Thank you. Thank you for telling me."
"No problem." The guy smiled back.
"Look, do you know him? My brother?"
"Yeah. He's a thief." The guy grinned. "I work at the Thieves' Guild, and he's a member. Kinda famous, actually. Everybody knows him. Belongs to the Man."
"What man?"
"The Man. You know. The Harbinger."
"Never heard of him."
"Yeah, you're new here. How long you been on Kelthia? No, don't worry about it. You'll learn. Everybody knows the Man."
Khyff gave the guy another smile. "Think you could set up a meet? I'd like to make sure it's him. I could--" Khyff took a deep breath, controlled his stomach by swallowing, hard. Made himself say the words. "I'd make it worth your while."
"Consider it done."
Senth had been killed at birth. Senth was the reason his mother had been missing for over a decade, and why Khyff was a slave.
So why was his brother alive?
If he wasn't, if this was some imposter, Khyff wanted to know why. And if Senth was alive, when Khyff got his hands on him, he'd make sure, once and for all, Senth was what he deserved to be -- dead.

Get this Book

Senth and Khyff, the Antonello Brothers from At the Mercy of Her Pleasure and For Women Only, did not grow up together. They were separated at Senth's birth. Bro shows how and why, and what event reunited them.
Join the Romance Lives Forever Reader Group and get a free copy of Bro, the Story Behind the Antonello Brothers. The next day, you'll get two more free books: Top Stops, an Illustrated Tour of the Tarthian Empire, which includes original art by Nimajination Studios, plus Thirty Days of Chaos: Illustrated Quotes by Pietas.

About the Author

Kayelle Allen is a best-selling American author. Her unstoppable heroes and heroines include contemporary every day folk, role-playing immortal gamers, futuristic covert agents, and warriors who purr.

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